Call of Duty 2020 confirmed as still in development from Treyarch Studios & Raven Software

By Heidi Nicholas,
Call of Duty 2020 has been confirmed as in development from Treyarch Studios and Raven Software, with Activision saying we should be hearing more about it soon.

Raven Software tweeted to say "We are excited to announce our partnership with @Treyarch on this year's Call of Duty! Can't wait to show you more!" with Treyarch adding, "It’s official. Looking forward to showing you what we’ve been cooking up with @RavenSoftware!"

In a recent conference call, Activision confirmed that “The game looks incredible right now and, internally, people are having a ton of fun playing across its campaign mode as well as the online mode the developers are very well known for... All I can say in terms of timing [of an announcement] is I suspect you’ll be hearing more about this fairly soon.” (Thanks, IGN.) Activision also confirmed that it "will continue to build on its direct, digital relationship with this expanded community as it delivers the next premium release for Call of Duty, coming from Treyarch and Raven Software."

Raven collaborates with Infinity Ward on Modern Warfare and Warzone. Treyarch's last game, meanwhile, was Black Ops 4 which, along with several other Black Ops games, remains popular on our Xbox Gameplay Chart even years after release.

Rumours about the next COD are always swirling around, and just last month, dataminers reportedly uncovered campaign, multiplayer and zombie details about the game. Activision says we'll be hearing more about COD 2020 soon, however, so it shouldn't be long before we have some official info on the game. We'll keep you posted.
Heidi Nicholas
Written by Heidi Nicholas
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