Xbox One update preview replaces Achievements tab with Game Activity tab for some Insiders

By Heidi Nicholas,
The latest Xbox One update preview will cause the Achievement tab to be replaced with the Game Activity tab for a select group of Xbox Insiders.


Instead of the Achievements tab — which normally shows achievements for the game you're currently playing, the Gamerscore leaderboard, your next achievements, recent achievements, an option to see all your achievements, and options for an achievement tracker — some Insiders will now see the Game Activity tab.

Achievements will still come under the Game Activity tab: the Xbox team says "achievements are here to stay! Your top option on the tab is still the list of Achievements for the game you are playing or your most recently played game." New filter options have been added, including a shortcut to turn the achievement tracker on or off. Recent achievements will still be shown, and can be found under your notifications. Your next achievements and the Gamerscore leaderboard will be shown under your Profile in the Guide, after "My Subscriptions". Your achievement history and Game Pass quest progress will also still be shown on your profile.

Xbox Insider update

The rest of the Game Activity tab will show which of your friends are playing the same game, as well as "Looking For Group" posts, Suggested Events in the game, and the Official Club to look at developer updates or Xbox Live community posts.

The Xbox team says this new update "makes it easier to discover game related activities around the game you are currently playing or the last game you played. We want users to know what is happening around their favorite games, hunt for achievements, and discover new ways to engage with liked minded gamers." Only "a random subset of users in Preview" will see this update — the update preview is only coming to the Alpha Skip-Ahead and Alpha ring — and it could change in future: the Xbox team says the update will be used to gather "initial feedback and analyze usage to evaluate these changes" and to adjust this experience based on your reports." The team goes on to say, "Achievements are a pillar of the Xbox ecosystem, and we want to support them alongside promoting different ways to engage with your favorite games!"

A new Microsoft Store experience was also recently announced, and has now begun rolling out to Xbox Insiders: for now, while it's in Preview, it'll only be available to Insiders in the US, UK, Canada and Germany. It'll gradually be made available to more Xbox Insiders, before becoming available to everyone in the fall. The Xbox team is also previewing the new "Happening now" experience to some users under People in the Guide or on the Friends list.

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Heidi Nicholas
Written by Heidi Nicholas
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