Control's Alan Wake AWE DLC launches later in August as the game's final expansion

By Heidi Nicholas,
Control second expansion, AWE, launches later this month on August 27th. It'll be the game's last expansion, adding new story content, game modes, weapons, enemies, and a mystery revolving around Alan Wake. We'll also see a world premiere of this new expansion on August 13th.

Remedy says AWE stands for Altered World Events, which take place "whenever paranatural forces breach our world. AWEs can be minor and go unnoticed, but sometimes they can be catastrophic. The Investigations Sector used to be where the Federal Bureau of Control coordinated their work on AWEs from, and where evidence was gathered. Until things went horribly, horribly wrong, and the sector was sealed off from the rest of the Bureau, years ago."

As with all games featuring creepy areas that have been sealed off for years, our character will have no choice but to venture in. Jesse will be hunting for a "mysterious being that’s been stalking this long-abandoned area for years," and examining AWEs, "including one from the town of Bright Falls. Yes, Bright Falls… the same place where we last saw the writer Alan Wake, who has been missing for ten years." We got a brief glimpse of Alan Wake in the trailer above, along with a single unnerving line of dialogue: "whatever you do, stay in the light."

Control AWE DLC

Remedy says this expansion "is going to be moodier and more suspenseful." You'll have a new Service Weapon form, Surge, which is described as basically a "sticky grenade launcher," which you'll be needing for the new enemy type: the flying, shotgun-wielding Hiss Airborne Rangers. AWE also introduces new Altered Items with new gameplay modes, such as a horde mode and time trial, as well as the chance to replay the Ashtray Maze and select boss fights. Doing so will earn you some new rewards, including an outfit for Jesse.

Control is also getting a free update in August, with "a new upgrade for Launch called Multi-Launch, more checkpoints added to the trickier main story missions, and some more quality of life features", as well as an Assist Mode. There's no word yet on achievements, but the last DLC, The Foundation, added ten new achievements to the game, so it looks promising for AWE.

AWE expansion

Finally, over on the PlayStation Blog, communications director Thomas Puha had some intriguing comments to make: "you might have heard a certain Alan Wake narrating the trailer and showing up at the very end. Over the years, we have included Easter eggs in our games that related some of Remedy’s games to each other, as you have seen if you played Control… but what if they were not all just Easter eggs? What if there’s actually been a plan in place for over a decade on how some of our games are connected – a Remedy Connected Universe, if you will – and payoff for certain things is… down the line?" AWE is the game's final expansion; could Puha's comments be referring to future games from Remedy, perhaps for Alan Wake, or is it referring to the DLC? Let us know what you think in the comments!

The world premiere and first 15 minutes of AWE will be shown on August 13th at 9am PDT on Remedy's Twitch channel. The AWE expansion launches on August 27th.
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