Marvel's Avengers dataminers reportedly uncover more post-launch characters

By Heidi Nicholas,
More post-launch characters for Marvel's Avengers have seemingly been revealed, including Black Panther, Ant-Man and She-Hulk.

The Sanders Presents video above was uploaded to Reddit by RoboMatters (thanks, Eurogamer) who shared a lengthy list of post-launch characters found after having a look at the PC beta.

To be clear, the only post-launch characters which have been confirmed so far by developers Crystal Dynamics are Hawkeye, who will be the first post-launch hero as confirmed in the second Marvel's Avengers War Table stream, and Spider-Man, whose reveal as a PS4-exclusive character caused no small amount of uproar. This datamined list of characters hasn't been officially announced by Crystal Dynamics, and until it is, it's best to keep that grain of salt ready. That being said, it's a pretty impressive list:

  • Ant-Man
  • Black Panther
  • Captain Marvel
  • Dr Strange
  • Falcon
  • Kate Bishop
  • Mar'Vell
  • Mockingbird
  • Quake
  • Scarlet Witch
  • She-Hulk
  • Vision
  • War Machine
  • Wasp
  • Winter Soldier
Another list posted by 6plus4equals52 is much shorter, but also lists Peter Parker.

Crystal Dynamics has been very open about post-launch plans for the game, saying that new heroes, regions and missions will continue to be added. The second War Table stream elaborated on this: at launch, the game will revolve around Kamala's aim of reassembling the Avengers. Afterwards, it will move into the Avengers Initiative phase, when we'll get some more new characters and content.

In other Marvel's Avengers news; an updated PS4 cover was recently spotted online, with a new image on the front pointing to Spider-Man's PS4 exclusivity, and hinting that Spidey will arrive some time in 2021.

We'll have to wait and see if Crystal Dynamics officially confirms these DLC characters, but we'll be sure to update you when we hear more. While we wait for more from Crystal Dynamics; what do you think of this proposed list of post-launch characters? Let us know in the comments!
Heidi Nicholas
Written by Heidi Nicholas
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