Halo Infinite X Monster Energy promotion hints at possible Xbox Series X price

By Heidi Nicholas,
November is drawing nearer and that next-gen console launch is looming on the horizon, and there's still no word from Microsoft about a price for the Xbox Series X. Nor has there been a hint from Sony on what the PS5 will cost, so that we could try to compare. Xbox head Phil Spencer has commented before that the Xbox team is aiming to avoid the "mistakes" made with the launch of the Xbox One, including the high price point. However, the most recent leaks led to new speculation about the price of the Xbox Series X, and suggest it could be pretty pricy.

Xbox Series X

The latest episode of the Kinda Funny Xcast featured game journalist Alanah Pearce, who discussed getting a message about a $600 price tag for the Xbox Series X from a retailer. This in itself might not seem much, but Halo Infinite fans have spotted something interesting in the Monster Energy/Halo Infinite promotion which seems to match this claim.

The fine print says that "The Total ARV of all 1st Prizes is $119,998." There's 200 1st prizes in total, made up of a copy of Halo Infinite and the Xbox Series X console. Halo Infinite fans have already done the maths to suggest that each prize will be worth $599.99. This could, on the one hand, suggest a $600 price tag for the console; and ties in with Pearce's comments. However, this doesn't take into account the price of Halo Infinite. Another $50-$60 subtracted from that would lower this suggested Xbox Series X price considerably; but as Sim31 points out, a $540 price point for the Xbox Series X doesn't look as likely as either $499 or $599. Then there's another part of that fine print:

The Total ARV of all 1st Prizes is $119,998. The 1st Prize and its manufacturer’s suggested retail price have not been released to market at the time of print of these Official Rules. Any difference between stated value and actual value will not be awarded.
This suggests that the price included in this Monster Energy promotion is more of a placeholder, especially since there's been no hint at a price bracket from Microsoft.

It's conflicting impressions all round, and it seems we'll have to continue to wait for official word from Microsoft. The Xbox team has been pretty communicative about Series X specs and games, but November's drawing near, and so hopefully we should be due some major next-gen news on pricing and pre-orders. We'll keep you updated. What do you think? How much are you expecting to spend?

Thanks to Sim31 for the news tip.
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