Street Power Soccer achievement list revealed

By Rich Stone,
We have just picked up the Street Power Soccer Achievement list.

There are 30 achievements worth a total of 1,000 Gamerscore, none of which are secret.

Street Power Soccer Achievements

Name Description Gamerscore
Born for football Finish Street Power mode tutorial. 21
One on one Finish Panna mode tutorial. 21
First step to Hell Finish Freestyle mode tutorial. 21
Hit them all Finish Trick Shot mode tutorial. 21
I like to learn everything Finish all tutorials. 21
You are in the game Finish 100 games across all game modes. 21
Sweet smell of victory Win 1 000 games across all game modes. 35
This story never ends Complete the story mode. 21
Sniper foot Score 1 000 times in Street Power mode. 64
Steel foot Shoot 1 000 times in Street Power mode. 35
That's the 100 Perform 100 tricks in Street Power mode. 21
Pass Master Make 1 000 passes in Street Power mode. 21
Street Winner Win 100 games in Street Power mode. 35
Super power! Power super! Use superpower 1 000 times. 64
The flowers are blooming Win 100 Panna nutmeg challenges. 21
Nutmeg? No thanks. Score 1 000 times in Panna mode. 35
Cage Guru Win 100 games in Panna mode. 21
To be free in style Receive 100 000 points in total in Freestyle games. 35
Sean's best student Receive an 'A+' mark in total grade in Freestyle. 64
Being precise is not enough Receive an 'A+' mark in technical grade in Freestyle. 35
A trick phenomenon Receive an 'A+' mark in style grade in Freestyle. 35
You da man Receive an 'A+' mark in difficulty grade in Freestyle. 35
Move it, move it Finish 100 games in Freestyle mode. 21
The Trick Collector Unlock all Freestyle tricks. 35
Tricky mover Finish 100 games in Trick Shot mode. 21
Millionaire Receive 1 000 000 points in total in Trick Shots games. 35
Like Robin Hood Shoot 100 000 times in Trick Shot mode. 64
Going professional Shoot 1 000 curved shots in Trick Shot mode. 35
Eliminator Play 100 games in Elimination mode. 21
Who is the best? Receive all other Achievements in the game. 65
Sick style and high-energy action come together in this arcade-style street soccer experience. Face off against freestyle football greats and grow your status to become Street King.
Street Power Soccer is developed by SFL Interactive and published by Maximum Games, and is scheduled to be released on 25 August 2020.
Rich Stone
Written by Rich Stone
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