Halo Infinite development hindered by significant third-party outsourcing - report

By Sean Carey,
Microsoft recently announced that Halo Infinite would not be an Xbox Series X launch title, and the Master Chief's next outing had been pushed back into 2021. According to a new report from Thurrot, there have been "significant headaches" in the game's creation due to 343 Industries outsourcing development.

Halo Infinite

The report suggests that a "significant portion" of Halo Infinite's development was outsourced to third-party contractors and the communication and coordination between 343 Industries and these third parties has been described as "rough, at best". Although it's not unusual for development on a big game to be outsourced to other companies, a source familiar with 343's plans told Thurrot that "outsourcing for Infinite was at a ratio higher than a typical studio undertakes during development" which has caused "significant headaches for cross-development collaboration."

The report also mentions other issues that have affected development, including the global COVID-19 pandemic, difficulties in creating a new engine for an unannounced console (the Xbox Series X) and the Halo TV series causing a "significant distraction" for 343 Industries management.

We reached out to Microsoft about the claims included in the Thurrort report, but the company declined to comment.

Phil Spencer recently revealed that Xbox and 343 Industries considered releasing Halo Infinite in sections instead of delaying the game fully. Halo Infinite will launch sometime in 2021.
Sean Carey
Written by Sean Carey
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