TA Gaming Stats - June 13th to June 19th 2011

By Dog of Thunder, 7 years ago
Welcome back to another fun filled week of "What The TA Community Was Playing Last Week." Since the very first TA Stats posting, we have seen L.A.Noire dominate and marveled at the staying power of Portal 2. This week, we introduce a new King.

This report is for the period June 13th to June 19th 2011.

Games Started

Hail to the King, Baby.

With his worldwide release taken into account, Duke Nukem has claimed the title of "Most Popular Game on TrueAchievements." Alice: Madness Returns was started nearly as many times as L.A.Noire which is a pretty good debut. Anyone else play the first American McGee's Alice on the PC? I loved that game.

Rounding out the top 5, we have the crazy rail shooter Child of Eden. That game looks amazing, sounds amazing and is quite possibly this year's "Game Most Likely To Cause Seizures".

29,606 TrueAchievements gamers started a total of 52,926 games between them (1,387 different games).

Top Retail Games Started

People like free games. We all know that. People also like Magic the Gathering: DotP 2012. We will see all of these games again in just a few paragraphs.

Top Arcade Games Started

Games Completed

After taking a week off, welcome back to the Top 5 Retail Completions Fallout: New Vegas! Red Faction: Armageddon does not have the same time consuming multi-player achievements of its predecessor and reigns as the "Most Completed Retail Game" for at least one week.

Personally I thought we would see more of Dirt 3 and Brink in these stats before they went away.

6,203 TrueAchievements gamers completed a total of 8,945 games between them (922 different games).

Top Retail Games Completed

These look familiar. The ordering is different but I could have sworn that we have already seen this list. Either it is a glitch in the matrix or I went back in time to just before I started writing this list to defuse a bomb on a steamboat.

Or it could just be that Magic the Gathering: DotP 2012 takes less time to complete compared to the original Magic the Gathering: DotP. I like to think I defused a bomb in a past life.

Top Arcade Games Completed

Achievements Won

As usual, Achievements Won are all from the same game. In this, Duke Nukem Forever. The result is a list of incredibly amusing achievement names. "Turd Burglar?" Really? I think that is stretching the boundaries of how Webster would define "achievement."

52,119 TrueAchievements gamers won a total of 785,519 achievements online between them (37,073 different achievements).

Top Achievements Won