Robin Art Revealed for Batman: Arkham City

By Jonathan Barnes, 7 years ago
Robin has gone through several incarnations in Batman's long history. From Dick Grayson and Jason Todd to Tim Drake and Carrie Kelly, the face and personality behind Robin has been one of the most diverse in comic history. In a bit of late-breaking news, Warner Brothers and Rocksteady have given gamers their first glimpse at the artwork for Robin in their upcoming Batman: Arkham City.

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As we reported last week, a playable Robin will be included as part of a pre-order bonus from Best Buy. With that in mind, Warner Bros. Interactive has confirmed that the Arkham City version of Robin will be based on the Tim Drake model and the "Tim Drake Robin Pack" will be a pre-order bonus for gamers who purchase from Best Buy.

This pre-order bonus comes with two challenge maps, the Black Mask Hideout and the Freight Train Escape. These maps will feature Robin as the playable character. With his own unique gadgets and special moves, Robin follows in the shoes of Catwoman as a fully fleshed out character, not just a Batman re-skin. Finally, gamers who pre-order through Best Buy will also get the "Red Robin" skin for Robin.

Unfortunately, no international retailers have been confirmed for the Robin pack at this time.

Batman: Arkham City is set for an October 18th release in North America, October 19th in Australia, and finally in Europe and "other global territories" on October 21st.
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