Updated: Marvel's Avengers open beta available now — here's what's included

By Heidi Nicholas,
Update: The open beta had originally been planned to start at 9pm in each time zone, but the devs have opened the servers early. It should be available to download and play now!

Original story: If you missed out on the pre-order betas for Marvel's Avengers but still want to try it out before it launches next month, now's your chance: the open beta begins later this evening, at 9pm in each respective time zone.

Marvel's Avengers

It's a pretty hefty beta with a lot of content, but it's only available for this weekend, so if you're hoping to get as much out of it as you can, make sure to start it up tonight. You can find the beta in the store tab on your Xbox.

The devs planned a real mix of content for the beta, with single-player and co-op, and a mash-up of mission types. You'll start out with single-player content and the Golden Bridge sequence, with about 25 minutes of gameplay. Then, you'll head into four Hero Missions for the Campaign — The Light that Failed, To Find Olympia, Missing Links, and Help Dr. Banner — and two boss fights. You'll also be able to try out three HARM Room challenges, where you face off against waves of enemies inside virtual training simulators. Teams of four can also jump into four War Zones and five Drop Zones. War Zones feature both human and robot enemies, while Drop Zones were described as smaller missions, usually with just one objective. It's hard to tell how much time you'll need for the beta; those War Zones can take anywhere from ten minutes to two hours.

The beta lets you try out four heroes: Hulk, Ms. Marvel, Iron Man, and Black Widow. Thor and Captain America also make an appearance, but only during the Golden Gate bridge tutorial, and you can only play as them once. The devs say you'll be capped at a Hero Level of 15 and a Power Level of 45 for the beta, and there'll be a limited number of skills available, with one of three starting skill pages unlocked for each hero.

You can start up the beta tonight. It'll end on Sunday 23rd, again at 9pm respectively for each time zone. If you're undecided on the game, check out some other tidbits we've learned about it including details on Thor gameplay's, co-op, and the M.O.D.O.K. villain, how the game will differ from the movies, our Marvel's Avengers roundup and how dataminers claim to have uncovered more post-launch characters. Unfortunately, PS4 players seem to be getting a bit more content than is available on other platforms, according to Sony's list of "PlayStation advantages".
Heidi Nicholas
Written by Heidi Nicholas
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