Xbox Series X welcomes chilling new console exclusive, Martha is Dead

By Luke Albigés,
Martha is Dead, a new psychological thriller from the team behind affecting adventure The Town of Light, will be coming to Xbox Series X next year. You can get a first look here, in this suitably dark trailer.

Okay, so it's not quite so much of a looker as some of the other next-gen stuff we've seen, but there are still some really nice details on display, and it's leagues ahead of the studio's previous work from a presentation perspective. In any case, what The Town of Light lacked on a technical level, it made up for with a tragic and genuinely moving story, so there's a good chance the same will ring true here.

“At LKA, we start with a story," says studio founder and director Luca Dalco. "Often it’s uncomfortable, not painless and based in truth. We learned a lot with The Town of Light, and Martha is Dead is taking everything we know, and turning it up to 10.”

As the title suggests, the game — a first-person thriller based in Italy towards the end of World War II — will focus on the death of a woman and the knock-on effects the disaster has on her twin sister. The Town of Light was a powerful and fascinating (if pretty bleak) tale set in an asylum, so it's already clear this team isn't one for sunshine and unicorns. In fact, the press release even mentions 'deep psychological distress', so that's something to look forward to.

Give the trailer a watch, and let us know your thoughts!
Luke Albigés
Written by Luke Albigés
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