Halo Infinite dev considering dropping Xbox One version - report

By Sean Carey,
Update: Microsoft provided TA with a statement regarding the claims made. A Microsoft spokesperson said, “Microsoft does not comment on rumours or speculation.”

Original Story: The Xbox One version of Halo Infinite could be dropped by Microsoft and 343 Industries, and the game could even be delayed into 2022, according to an insider who has spoken to several sources.

Halo Infinite Box Art

ResetEra user Sponger (via VGC) revealed that Microsoft is allegedly "very busy" with the idea of dropping the Xbox One version of Halo Infinite. According to Sponger's sources, the current version of Halo Infinite running on an Xbox One S is "nowhere near" the 1080p targeted resolution. Sponger goes on to say the game is running at lower than 900p and "is having serious asset loading issues." These issues are reportedly much worse than what was shown during the Halo Infinite campaign gameplay reveal.

This news comes after the Microsoft announced the game would be pushed back to 2021, meaning Halo Infinite would not be an Xbox Series X launch title. However, according to Sponger, the game could be pushed back even further, "Even [the] idea to postpone it to early 2022 is on the table. It's pretty messy up there with decisions, but they are convinced that they need to make [the] best Halo game ever."

The gameplay reveal for Halo Infinite caused a severe negative response from fans. So much so, that developers from 343 Industries and Xbox top brass had to make several clarifications as to why the game looked the way it did, including mentioning that the demo was a work in progress build running on PC.

We have reached out to Microsoft for clarification.

According to another report, the development of Halo Infinite has been hindered by significant third-party outsourcing.
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