GTA Online dataminers claim to find a hidden "UFO business battle"

By Heidi Nicholas,
GTA Online dataminers have apparently found a hidden business battle, in which players would be tasked with collecting parts for a spaceship.

The Game File Gurus said they spotted a new Fort Zancudo UFO model after the game's Summer Special update landed, but that it took a week of digging before they managed to start the Fort Zancudo Business Battle. A similar mission cropped up in 2017, but the Game File Gurus told Kotaku that this business battle was harder to find and that they think Rockstar is focusing on how to better hide these types of missions.

According to The Game File Gurus, the mission involves infiltrating Fort Zancudo to collect spaceship parts and bringing them to Omega, who appeared in GTA V's Far Out mission with a similar request. There hasn't been any word from Rockstar yet on the existence of such a mission, and nobody seems quite sure how it could be accessed, although The Game File Gurus appear confident that Rockstar will activate it at some point. Some players seem hopeful that it could be implemented as part of a Halloween update — we'll let you know when we hear more.
Heidi Nicholas
Written by Heidi Nicholas
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