Destiny 2: Beyond Light's Stasis powers detailed

By Luke Albigés,
Destiny has been a three-element game ever since 2014 when the original game shipped. But six years later, it's time for a new damage type to join Arc, Solar, and Void, and at Gamescom's Opening Night Live show, Bungie just showed off some more of what its new Stasis abilities can do. Take a look here to see for yourself.

First up is the Warlock, and its new Shadebinder sub-class. The space wizard finally gets a wand with this one, with which it can blast clusters of frosty death at enemies. There's both a burst shot and a single shot variant in the trailer, so perhaps that's something that can be customised in the skill tree — we've heard that the Stasis sub-class trees have more customisation options than any of the other elements. We also see a creeping area-of-effect freeze ability that stops enemies in their tracks (which looks like it's probably the class' variant of a Rift), and a shockwave that can shatter frozen enemies.

Next, we're introduced to the Revenant Hunter, which wields a set of icy boomerang/glaive things that appear to ricochet between nearby enemies on contact, and look like they spread some kind of damage-over-time effect on impact. It's not entirely clear how these will work, especially in the Crucible gameplay — we really hope that blindly throwing a boomerang around a corner to score two quick kills comes down to some kind of synergy with the grenade the Hunter throws beforehand in the clip and not just insane tracking and damage on the ability. Otherwise, nobody is going to use anything else. Grab your Hard Light and get ready for Crucible games where you don't even see another player!

Lastly, the big boy of Destiny gets some new toys as well. Introducing the Behemoth Titan, and while the other two get fancy new icy weapons as part of their new kit, the Titan just turns its hand into a frozen wrecking ball and goes to town. The super ability looks not unlike the Fist of Havoc variant from the original Destiny that splits into multiple waves, but again, that could just be one variant — we later see a PvP clip where an ice barrier is placed to protect the user as he winds up the big ol' death drop, but that could of course also be this sub-class' version of the Barricade ability.

With Stasis being a totally new type of damage, we're probably going to start seeing weapons that make use of the element, too. It would make sense for the Coldheart Exotic Trace Rifle to be retroactively changed, but only an Exotic like that could ever really have similar freezing abilities to those powerful Guardian abilities. Stasis would be way too powerful an element if all its weapons could encase foes in ice, and we're sure Bungie will find a way to balance it. Probably.

Destiny 2: Beyond Light is arriving on November 10th on Xbox One, and will be getting an Xbox Series X update down the line as well.
Luke Albigés
Written by Luke Albigés
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