Little Nightmares 2 release date announced, free Xbox Series X upgrade planned

By Sean Carey,
Little Nightmares 2 comes to Xbox One on February 11th 2021, with an Xbox Series X version coming at a later date. Those who purchase an Xbox One copy will get a free next-gen upgrade when it launches. Bandai Namco also dropped a creepy new gameplay trailer for the sequel, which you can check out below.

Six is still a part of the story in Little Nightmares 2, but she has a new friend known as Mono who can help through some of the trickier platform parts of the game. In the trailer, we see more of the hellish world the two are trying to escape, horrifying creatures that slither out from the dark and some incredibly tense gameplay.

With its dark tone and tense platforming moments, the first Little Nightmares received praise from both critics and players alike. Here on TA, Little Nightmares has a community rating of 4.10/5.

Little Nightmares 2 comes to Xbox One and PS4, Switch and PC on February 11th 2021. Xbox Series X and PS5 versions are planned for a later date. Those who purchase an Xbox One copy of the game will get a free Series X copy when it launches.
Sean Carey
Written by Sean Carey
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