Operation: Tango scoops Best Multiplayer Game award at Gamescom ONL 2020

By Luke Albigés,
Perhaps the strangest thing about last night's Gamescom Opening Night Live show (aside from that bit with the car... what even was that?) was the idea of giving out awards before the actual event had even begun. While most went to the usual suspects, the Best Multiplayer award piqued our interest, so we did a little homework. Turns out two-player espionage adventure Operation: Tango looks really freaking cool.

The game is played exclusively in two-player co-op, with one person taking on the role of the Agent and the other the Hacker. Agent gameplay seems to be more action-heavy, almost like a stealth game based on all those classic spy movies, while the Hacker deals more with puzzles and information gathering, and can hijack various devices around the location the pair are attempting to infiltrate. The best part? Neither can see what the other is doing, and players must rely purely on voice communication to relay vital information to one another.

We've seen mechanics like this before, and they're always a riot. Things like VR bomb defusal party game Keep Talking and Nobody Explodes and similar Jackbox game Bomb Corp. force players to communicate quickly and as accurately as possible, turning verbal communication into a gameplay mechanic, and it's fantastic. Here, you lose a lot of the chaos that erupts in those games, instead developing clear and efficient comms between one another to pull off all manner of elaborate heists. You won't always be blind to your partner's activity, either — the Hacker can jack into CCTV feeds to monitor the Agent's progress and warn about any hazards, for example, or the Agent might see that a terminal is being hijacked and have to pass on additional intel from the scene to help their buddy crack the code.

There's boundless potential in this concept, and the team promises that the various challenges presented by Operation: Tango's unique gameplay will deliver "some of the most satisfying 'eureka!' moments in modern gaming."
Luke Albigés
Written by Luke Albigés
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