Die by the Blade heading to Kickstarter in October

By Luke Albigés,
Die by the Blade was revealed at the Future Games Show late last week, and publisher Grindstone today released the teaser trailer for the intense melee combat game which was first shown at the show. Here it is, in case you missed it — all 53 action-bereft seconds of it.

It's a bit surprising that it doesn't show off more, especially since the gameplay they showed following the trailer at the Future Games Show actually looked pretty good for something this far out from launch. We'd imagine there'll be more gameplay shown when crowdfunding begins later in the year.

A Kickstarter campaign for the game will start in October, with the team targeting a 2021 launch window if funding is met. Grindstone COO Imrich Orosz explains the decision: “Our vision for Die by the Blade has taken us to a very exciting place in the development cycle. By activating the Kickstarter campaign we want to expand on that vision and build a community of engaged fans, who will not only support the next phase of this exciting journey, but join us on it. We want the community and backers to play a big part in Die by the Blade’s evolution and in doing so, have the opportunity to help shape the game they have waited so long for.”

The main hook of Die by the Blade is that any one solid hit can be fatal. Strikes to limbs may cause wounds, but hitting the head or torso will fell your opponent in a single blow. This makes for quick, intense duels where a mistake could cost you your life — imagine a much more high-stakes version of For Honor and you're on the right page. Currently we've only seen traditional weapons, primarily katanas, but the team has mentioned that there will be other weapon types and fighting styles in the final product. That's got 'stretch goal' written all over it.

“After many months of hard work, we are thrilled to finally reveal our new title Die by the Blade to the world,” says the project's lead developer, Peter Adamondy. “Inspired by classic games like the Bushido Blade series, we wanted to recreate that thrill of facing off against opponents, the sound of clashing steel, and mastering the art of sword fighting but with a fresh, Samuraipunk feel.”

Die by the Blade will go live on Kickstarter in October, and is looking to release on "PlayStation and Xbox consoles" in 2021. Don't worry about telling us which ones, guys — we'll just guess, yeah? Xbox Series X and PlayStation Vita it is, then. Glad we got that sorted...
Luke Albigés
Written by Luke Albigés
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