Marvel's Avengers has several broken Xbox achievements

By Sean Carey,
Several players from across the internet and our forums are all reporting that Marvel's Avengers has several buggy achievements that will not unlock.

Maka91, who is known for his achievement guides and solutions here on TA, tweeted that quite a few of Marvel's Avengers were not unlocking to tracking correctly. This includes an achievement for beating the campaign. Users in our forums are reporting that the majority of achievements which require tracking are not unlocking.

Marvel's AvengersSuper Hero BusinessThe Super Hero Business achievement in Marvel's Avengers worth 18 pointsComplete 10 assignments

Marvel's AvengersFundamentally FlawlessThe Fundamentally Flawless achievement in Marvel's Avengers worth 12 pointsDefeat 50 enemies with Assault Heroic or Ultimate Heroic abilities

Marvel's AvengersOdds and EndsThe Odds and Ends achievement in Marvel's Avengers worth 19 pointsCollect three Artifacts

Marvel's AvengersSecret AchievementThe Secret Achievement achievement in Marvel's Avengers worth 88 pointsContinue playing to unlock this secret achievement

Marvel's Avengers officially launches tomorrow, but those who pre-ordered the game have had early access for the past couple of days. At this point, it's hard to determine just how many achievements are not popping or tracking correctly. The ones listed above are achievements that have been reported as not unlocking. Seeing as there are plenty more on the list without a single unlock, it's possible that these could be broken too, or it might just be too early to tell.

These achievement issues don't seem to be limited to just Xbox. Looking at trophy unlock data over on TrueTrophies there seems to be several trophies that aren't unlocking correctly either.

So far, over 3,000 people on TA have the game on their card. If you are experiencing achievement unlock issues, let us and everyone else know in the comments below.

We have reached out Square Enix for comment.

Thanks to Maka91 for highlighting the issue.
Sean Carey
Written by Sean Carey
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