Marvel's Avengers gets patch to fix achievements, but they might not unlock retroactively

By Sean Carey,
A new patch for Marvel's Avengers that should fix the game's broken achievements will be available to download later today. However, Crystal Dynamics is unclear if certain achievements will unlock retroactively.

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Patch notes for V1.2.5. have been uploaded over on the Marvel's Avengers website. A section at the bottom reads, "Achievements should now unlock and increment properly. We are still investigating if all achievements will be granted retroactively – our current theory is that story-based will, but challenge-based will not."

It seems that achievements relating to the main storyline should retroactively unlock, but any others might not. We aren't sure what "challenge-based" means in this context. There is an achievement for completing all HARM Challenges and two others regarding Challenge difficulty, but these seem to be popping correctly. These are the achievements that still have not been unlocked by a single player:

Marvel's AvengersTentative PeaceThe Tentative Peace achievement in Marvel's Avengers worth 52 pointsComplete 15 Villain Sectors

Marvel's AvengersGold Star SuccessThe Gold Star Success achievement in Marvel's Avengers worth 64 pointsComplete 100 assignments

Marvel's AvengersTreasure TroveThe Treasure Trove achievement in Marvel's Avengers worth 132 pointsOpen 50 Cache strongboxes

Marvel's AvengersHoneycomb HideoutThe Honeycomb Hideout achievement in Marvel's Avengers worth 43 pointsComplete five Hive missions

Marvel's AvengersTo the Dark and Back AgainThe To the Dark and Back Again achievement in Marvel's Avengers worth 311 pointsComplete 50 Hive missions

Marvel's AvengersWanting for NothingThe Wanting for Nothing achievement in Marvel's Avengers worth 34 pointsCollect 500 gear items

Marvel's AvengersFundamentally FlawlessThe Fundamentally Flawless achievement in Marvel's Avengers worth 13 pointsDefeat 50 enemies with Assault Heroic or Ultimate Heroic abilities

Marvel's AvengersSavior of the PeopleThe Savior of the People achievement in Marvel's Avengers worth 100 pointsRescue 100 AIM prisoners

Marvel's AvengersBreaking and EnteringThe Breaking and Entering achievement in Marvel's Avengers worth 32 pointsBreak into 30 Depots

According to Crystal Dynamics, the patch will roll out later today. We await with bated breath.
Sean Carey
Written by Sean Carey
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