Monster Energy might have had something to do with the name change for Gods & Monsters

By Heidi Nicholas,
Have you been wondering about the name change from Gods & Monsters to Immortals Fenyx Rising? After a lengthy spell with no new details, the name change was met with a mixed response from fans. Ubisoft has since confirmed that the change fits its vision for the game, but it seems opposition from Monster Energy might also have contributed to the change.

Immortals Fenyx Rising

Associate game director Julien Galloudec told VGC that "the change of name was entirely because of the vision of the game." And it's true that the game looks subtly different from when it was first announced, and that the tone too feels different. We recently had a chance to try out a demo of the game ourselves — check out what we thought in our Immortals Fenyx Rising preview.

Galloudec adds, "when we got the extra development time last year, we decided to push that process even further and to challenge our vision to make sure that we would deliver the true vision we had for our mythological adventure. So after that, the game changed a lot, to the point where we felt we needed a new name to be better aligned with that updated vision, so that’s where we decided to change to Immortals Fenyx Rising, a name that combines the notion of the timeless aspect of the Greek mythology with the immortals."

However, it seems Ubisoft also faced opposition from the Monster Energy brand. Monster Energy opposed the registration of the name Gods & Monsters under the belief that it "will be damaged" by it, and noted the focus of the term "Monster" in its own marketing. The response from Ubisoft about halfway through May mentioned that "Ubisoft denies that Opposer will be damaged by registration of Ubisoft’s marks and denies that Opposer is entitled to any relief."

Several months elapsed between the date of that document and Ubisoft's announcement of the name change. So far, Ubisoft has not commented on any opposition from Monster Energy.

Source: IGN
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