Cyberpunk 2077 dev discusses companions, cyberware, and choice and consequence

By Heidi Nicholas,
In a recent Q&A for the Russian-speaking Cyberpunk 2077 community members, senior quest designer Phillip Weber shared some more info on companions, cyberware, and choice and consequence.

Weber was asked about other contract partners besides Jackie. "There are quite a few people that you can play different quests with that are very important to the story, and that also come with you on specific missions, or just for having a drink," says Weber. "There's actually lots of them, and quite important ones, that we haven't shown yet, at all." Weber adds that some of these could become enemies.

When asked about immersive details like eating or drinking, Weber replied that V doesn't need to do so like you would in a survival game, but that it can give a bonus to things like combat or your stats, and that it does add to immersion. Likewise, V can turn on the shower or use the mirror in their apartment, or sit down on some benches while out exploring. V can have a drink with people, or pick up "other substances."

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Weber had a lot to say about choice and consequences, and it all sounds pretty promising, especially as the team are "trying to build on our foundation that we made with The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt." Weber reiterates that they're aiming for players not to know the outcome of choices, or not to simply lean between 'good' or 'bad' options. The Witcher 3 mercilessly dragged players into moral grey areas or completely subverted expectations of the consequences for certain choices, and it sounds like Cyberpunk 2077 could be similar. Weber says that "like with The Witcher, we want to do it in a way... that you always have to be on your toes... we never tell you, 'this is the good choice,' 'this is the bad choice,' you basically just have to use your head, and you have to read characters that you're talking to." Weber says the team wants you to "really try to play as your character, and you think a little bit about what you're saying, so you can't just always think, 'I'm making all the good choices.'"

In one of the earlier deep dives on the game, we met Adam Smasher, a fully-mechanised character. We know V will have a lot of options with cyberware, but Weber says the game won't take V's cyberware "that far just yet," as it's "not part of the story we're telling that you're becoming this huge colossus that's basically not human any more," and also, that it took Adam Smasher 50 years to reach that level of cyberware. However, you'll still have a lot of customisation options with the cyberware available. Weber compares it to fashion in Night City, saying it's not just about combat advantages, but also how cool you look. This is elaborated later: "we don't want to limit you," says Weber, giving an example of needing to pick a particular clothing item just for its stats. "We don't do it like that, we basically give you slots so you can modify your clothing, and of course the clothing can then have very good effects on you, but you can still choose what clothing you use for that, so it's very important for us that you can actually choose the way you look like."

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The Q&A covers a lot, including the photo mode and the fact that you'll be able to redistribute skills and perks. That November 19th release date is coming up fast, and we've had a number of info drops for the game recently. The first Night City Wire event focused on the Badlands, Braindance, and Ripperdocs, the second featured lifepaths and weapons, and the next Night City Wire, scheduled to take place on September 18th, will focus on Night City and its gangs — we've gathered up everything else we know in our Cyberpunk 2077 roundup.
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