The Great TrueAchievements Score Challenge 2020 is coming soon - details here

By Rich Stone,
Howdy folks!

I'm here to let you all know that we're nearing the 10th run of the Great TrueAchievement Score Challenge. We can't let Xbox have all the Series X fun. GTASC Series X will start October 5th, 2020 and run for 25 weeks. In addition to the major change to its length, team size is increasing to 4.

GTASC 2020 - How it works

There are two separate but concurrent contests - the Individual Contest and the Team Contest. You can enter both contests if you want to, or just one.

Both contests runs for 25 periods of one week, and at the end of each period the lowest scoring teams in each contest are eliminated and the leaderboards are reset for the next period.

At the start of each period you will be shown how many bottom teams will be eliminated, and it's your (and your team's) job to stay out of the elimination zone and survive to the next period.

How do you score points?

Scoring this year is based on TrueAchievement Difference (a.k.a. TA Difference).

TA Difference is the difference between TrueAchievement Score and Gamerscore.

For example, this achievement in Descenders has a TrueAchievement Score of 60, and a Gamerscore of 25:

DescendersThe Rampage BeginsThe The Rampage Begins achievement in Descenders worth 62 pointsReach the canyon

So this achievement has a TA Difference of 35.

For the contest, every competing gamer has their Gamerscore and TrueAchievement score stored at the start of the period. Their TA Difference is the difference between these two numbers. As their Gamerscore and TrueAchievement score change throughout the period, their TA Difference is constantly recalculated automatically on the contest leaderboards, and the change in the TA Difference between the start and the end of the period is their score for that period. Believe me, it's simpler than it sounds!

It's also worth remembering that an achievement's TrueAchievement scores are fluid. They change over time as more people start a game or unlock a particular achievement. These changes are also factored into your GTASC scores. That means that it is actually possible to earn score without unlocking achievements just as its possible to earn negative score while unlocking achievements. For this contest, we don't track the actual achievements earned - Its literally just the gamer's TA Difference change from start to finish that we use to determine what they 'earned.'

What's new for 2020?

Every iteration we've changed something about the event. Sometimes it's a major change, such as last year when we changed from pure TA score increase to TA Difference. Mixing up the size of the teams has also been a regular adjustment, but this is the first time we've altered the contest length significantly.

Thanks to feedback from last year's contestants we've decided to halve the length of this year's event - down to 25 weeks.

The consensus was that a full year event started too slow and dragged on too long. To keep things exciting, the easiest way to handle both of these concerns was to make the event much shorter. This change will have a drastic impact on the elimination line. With a much shorter event comes much greater eliminations. Our estimates suggest that 19% of the remaining teams will be eliminated at the end of each period, compared to last year's average of 10%. That means much greater competition earlier on and hopefully less boredom as we push to the finish.

A quick rundown of the stats for this year:
  • Starts October 5th
  • Scoring is based on TA Difference
  • The contest is 25 weeks long (if you make it all the way to the end)
  • The team contest is for teams of 4
  • Both contests are open to Gamertags with 25,000 Gamerscore or more
  • Both contests are open to gamers that have been registered for at least 3 months
  • Gamertags must have full tracking to enter
  • Bonuses (weekly challenges) and Badges (weekly extreme stat leaders) will return
Get chatting with friends about teams and we'll open registration shortly - GTASC Series X is about to begin!

Community challenge badge

You will earn a community challenge badge rank if you survive until period 4 of the individual event (so you need to survive period 3).

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