Updated: Xbox Series X/S preorders are going live now: here's how and where to get one

By Luke Albigés,
UPDATE 2 - November 24th
We're hearing that multiple retailers in the UK are putting up additional Xbox Series X|S stock for preorder today — Game has units available now but only as bundle deals, while Currys PC World are reportedly going live with theirs from 1pm UTC today. It stands to reason that other outlets (and perhaps territories) may also be getting a second wave today, so we've refreshed this story so you have everything you need if you're still trying to get your hands on one of the new consoles. Good luck!

Unsurprisingly, most retailers sold out of their initial allocations of Xbox Series X and Xbox Series S consoles in a matter of minutes. If you still haven't managed to secure one, never fear — Microsoft has assured us that there will be additional units available before and at launch, and we've already seen several outlets put out second waves of preorders. Some are also relisting trickles of stock following cancellations and payment rejections, so the odd one is going to pop up from time to time even outside of a full restock. If you don't want to keep mindlessly clicking these links until you find somewhere that has preorders available, give us a follow on Twitter (@TrueAchievement) and we'll shout there as and when these sites replenish stock. Congratulations if you managed to get yours already — let us know how your experience was — but if not, there's still hope, and also still plenty of time before the consoles release on November 10th. Good luck!

Original Story:
Xbox Series X/S preorders are now live across the world! Here's a handy round-up of outlets covering a bunch of regions, complete with pricing to help you make the right choice when you prepare to dive into the next generation of gaming. Take your pick from a number of different stores, with plenty of backup options on hand should your first choice run out of stock before you manage to get hold of your new console. Some links currently just lead to landing pages for the new consoles, but don't worry — we'll swap those out for proper product page links as soon as they go live.

xbox series x/s

United States - live now!

US preorders begin at 8am PT/11am ET, with Series X priced at $499.99 and Series S at $299.99. Xbox All Access will be available directly through Microsoft at some point, but is available with BestBuy, Walmart, and Target now, with GameStop also set to offer the rent-to-Pre-order model soon.
RetailerXbox Series SXbox Series X
Microsoft USBuy Buy
Amazon USBuy Buy
WalmartBuy Buy
Best BuyBuy Buy
TargetBuy Buy
GameStopBuy Buy

Canada - live now!

Preorders open alongside the US: 8am PT/11am ET. Series X is $599.99, and Series S is $379.99. Xbox All Access will only be available from EB Games, although no date has been given for when this will start.
RetailerXbox Series SXbox Series X
Microsoft CABuy Buy
Amazon CABuy Buy
WalmartBuy Buy
Best BuyBuy Buy

United Kingdom - live now!

UK preorders start from 8am BST, with Series S coming in at £249.99 and Series X at £449.99. Xbox All Access is not available directly through Microsoft, but you can get on it with Smyths Toys and Game, both of which should go live alongside regular preorders.

Europe - live now!

European preorders are the one exception to the 8am rule, instead kicking off at 9am CET, putting them in line with UK preorders. Series X retails at €499.99, and Series S at €299.99. Only a handful of countries will be participating in the Xbox All Access scheme this year, with one dedicated retailer in each offering the rent-to-Pre-order scheme: Denmark (Elgiganten), Finland (Gigantti), France (FNAC), Norway (Elkjøp), Poland (Media Expert), and Sweden (Elgiganten). There are too many regional retailers for us to list them all here, but here are a few from the larger markets.


Xbox All Access is unavailable in Germany at this time.
RetailerXbox Series SXbox Series X
Microsoft DEPre-order Pre-order
Amazon DE
Awaiting details
Awaiting details
MediaMarktPre-order Pre-order
GameStopPre-order Pre-order


All Access is available exclusively from FNAC.
RetailerXbox Series SXbox Series X
Microsoft FRPre-order Pre-order
Amazon FR
Awaiting details
Awaiting details
MicromaniaPre-order Pre-order
FNACPre-order Pre-order

New Zealand - live now!

RetailerXbox Series SXbox Series X
Microsoft NZPre-order Pre-order

Australia - live now!

Folks down under will be the first to be able to preorder, starting at 8am AEST. Series X costs $749, while Series S is $499. Once again, no All Access direct from Microsoft, but Telstra will be providing the service as soon as other preorders open.
RetailerXbox Series SXbox Series X
Microsoft AUPre-order Pre-order
Amazon AU
Awaiting details
Awaiting details
EB GamesPre-order Pre-order

Best of luck to everybody trying to get a Series X or Series S this week — fingers crossed everyone gets what they're after!
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