Xbox showcases loading times of Xbox Series S with a new comparison trailer

By Heidi Nicholas,
Xbox has released a new trailer comparing the load times of the Xbox Series S to the Xbox One S, with The Outer Worlds as an example, showcasing the speed of the next-gen console.

The Outer Worlds does have some hefty loading times, making it a bit of pain for quests with a lot of travel. Longer waits while you enter the ship, another wait while travelling, and then a final wait while exiting the ship again does break the immersion just a little. With the comparison video above, Xbox shows how much faster the Xbox Series S will be when loading games like this. It took around ten seconds for the Series S to load up The Outer Worlds, and just over 53 seconds for the Xbox One S, by which time the Xbox Series S player was already far off in the distance.

Faster loading times are one of the major selling points of the next-gen consoles, and it's useful to see a comparison trailer like this to show off just how powerful the Xbox Series S will be. The Xbox team also confirmed today that Xbox Series S game sizes will be 30% smaller than on Xbox Series X, as the Xbox Series S is targeting a 1440p resolution.

We're getting closer to the November 10th launch date of both next-gen Xbox consoles, and pre-orders are just around the corner, on September 22nd.
Heidi Nicholas
Written by Heidi Nicholas
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