Marvel's Avengers patch fixes over 1,000 issues

By Sean Carey,
A new patch that fixes over 1,000 issues in Marvel's Avengers is available to download now. Update V1.3.0 fixes not only small graphical issues and minor bugs but several major progression problems too. Crystal Dynamics has also confirmed which achievements will retroactively unlock following the previous V1.2.5 update.

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The full list of patch notes is pretty extensive, but it looks like nearly every aspect of the game has had several bugs cleaned up and fixed. The campaign, multiplayer, animation, UI, combat and challenges have all seen a number of fixes that should make the overall Marvel's Avengers experience better. The patch notes also confirm that the achievement "New Girl Makes Good" will retroactively unlock, but "Tentative Peace" will not. However, Crystal Dynamics says that both of these achievements have been successfully registering progress since update V1.2.5 which rolled out on September 9th.

Marvel's AvengersSecret AchievementThe Secret Achievement achievement in Marvel's Avengers worth 69 pointsContinue playing to unlock this secret achievement

Marvel's AvengersTentative PeaceThe Tentative Peace achievement in Marvel's Avengers worth 52 pointsComplete 15 Villain Sectors

It seems that most of the achievement issues in Marvel's Avengers have been ironed out. However, some users in our forums are still reporting unlock problems with "Trying on Perfection," which requires players to earn a 100% rating on a mission without a team member being downed. There has been a good number of unlocks on this achievement, so it looks like the issue is isolated to an unlucky few.

Marvel's AvengersTrying on PerfectionThe Trying on Perfection achievement in Marvel's Avengers worth 25 pointsEarn a 100% rating on a mission without any team member being downed

Update V1.3.0 is out now and available to download. To view everything that's been fixed in the patch, head over to the Square Enix website. If you've still been having achievement unlock issues after all the recent patches, let us know in the comments below.
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