Bright Memory will be an Xbox Series X launch title this November

By Sean Carey,
Publisher Playism has announced that Bright Memory, not to be confused with Bright Memory: Infinite, will be an Xbox Series X/S launch title this November.

Bright Memory is a fast-paced FPS where you'll combine both melee and ranged attacks to land powerful combos upon enemies. You play as Shelia, a Supernatural Science Research Organization agent who becomes trapped on an island filled with beasts and the undead after an accident. First released on PC back in 2019, the game is considered the original version of Bright Memory: Infinite, a remake which debuted during the Xbox 2020 event in May. The original game was supposed to be episodic, but the one-person developer FYQD Studio decided to remake Bright Memory as a complete experience.

Looking at the game's Steam page, Bright Memory is currently rated as "Very Positive" from all reviews. Many Steam users consider it highly polished and well made, but a little short on content. Some players report that there's only about 30 minutes worth of gameplay here, which could potentially mean this will be a quick completion. Thankfully, Bright Memory is priced at only $9.99/£7.19, so we can probably expect the same for the Series X/S version.

Bright Memory will be an Xbox Series X/S launch title coming on November 10th. The remake, Bright Memory: Infinite, is on track for a 2021 launch.
Sean Carey
Written by Sean Carey
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