WARMACHINE Coming To Consoles

By Dog of Thunder, 7 years ago
I will be perfectly blunt in introducing WARMACHINE to the TA Community. Think of the Warhammer franchise, both Fantasy and 40k, of video games and even the table top games. Trim down the scale but increase the possible special features each unit possess. That's Privateer Press' 30mm table top game, WARMACHINE.

In the world of WARMACHINE, the Iron Kingdoms are overcome by massive battles between the various factions. The primary weapon of choice is the warjack, six ton constructs of steam and metal with one goal, victory for their faction masters. In charge of these warjacks are warcasters, soldier-sorcerers whom command the warjacks in battle alongside a battalion of troops.

The factions of WARMACHINE are diverse but all four have a core of warjacks and warcasters they rely on in battle. Cygnar, the industrialized nation with the most advanced scientific minds in the world, seeks to protect the people of their kingdom with minimal bloodshed. Khador is a military nation where every member of the society is recruited for armed services prior to their 17th birthday with strength and resilience their most revered qualities. The Protectorate of Menoth is a religious nation that quietly prepares a crusade to free themselves of Cygnar's rule. Finally the Cryx, an undead faction that devours in the name of the Dragonfather and relies on necromancy to power their stolen warmachines.

White Moon Dreams was given the unenviable task of translating the world of WARMACHINE to consoles. Here is our first glimpse of their vision in action:

First is a shot of the Cygnar faction, followed by the Proectorate and then Cryx with Khador the last of the opening shots. Just to provide you with a frame of reference.

WARMACHINE the video game will be a 3rd person, real time game with a focus on multiplayer PvP. You may go from controlling the warcaster to controlling a warjack, but if you do that, your warcaster is going to be left defenseless.

WARMACHINE has no release date. I am assuming it is going to be an Arcade title going by the Xbox LIVE and also Playstation Network logos at the end of the trailer.
Credit for this story goes to Beez 808