The Medium's new trailer showcases Troy Baker's antagonist The Maw

By Heidi Nicholas,
Each time you think The Medium is as creepy as it's going to get, it gets a new trailer. This one gives a closer look at two important characters: the antagonist, The Maw, and Sadness, a little girl.

Bloober Team says Sadness is a "mysterious masked girl who resides at the abandoned Niwa Hotel." It looks like she's friends with main character Marianne, the medium in question, and the reason that Marianne is drawn to the hotel in Krakow. The Medium focuses on Marianne's experiences in both our world and the spirit world, with the game to feature dual-reality gameplay, with two worlds rendered simultaneously.

It seems Sadness also knows a little about The Maw, voiced by The Last of Us actor Troy Baker. She says "it came from the shame, from helplessness, from rage." Even more worryingly, she says it "ate all of them... all of my friends." We see a little of Marianne's dual experiences, as it seems she can only see Sadness and The Maw in the spirit world, but can see echoes of them in our world: footsteps as The Maw draws closer, and the presence of Sadness.

Marianne will have a few abilities to help in the spirit world, like Out of Body, which lets her explore places which are only accessible to spirits. However, these otherworldly abilities come with their own price, and Marianne could die if out of her body too long. Altogether, it all sounds very unnerving.

The Medium launches this holiday for Xbox Series X|S.
Heidi Nicholas
Written by Heidi Nicholas
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