Xbox's Hall of Fame rewards players for Gamerscore and achievements

By Heidi Nicholas,
It's time. Prepare yourselves and ready your achievement-hunting, Gamerscore-earning, and Xbox Game Pass-playing skills, because the Xbox team is gearing up for the next generation by celebrating the culmination of your Xbox One history. With its newly-introduced Hall of Fame, you could win an Xbox Series X, a year of Xbox Game Pass Ultimate, an Xbox Hall of Fame hoodie, and a place for your name in that Xbox Hall of Fame and a physical trophy to go along with it, based on your Gamerscore, achievements, and Xbox Game Pass triumphs. There will be eight Hall of Fame winners in each participating country. Read on to find out more about how you can win.


To start with, there's three categories designed to celebrate your Xbox One history, all of which have a qualifying period running from November 22nd 2013 to October 19th 2020. First up is Achievement Conqueror. "You’ve unlocked hundreds, if not thousands of achievements, but you’re not at the finish line yet. You need to keep grinding – smashing through as many as you can – to ensure that you stand out from every player. Come out on top with the most achievements unlocked during the lifetime of Xbox One, and a place in the Xbox Hall of Fame is yours," reads the official description.

Next is Game Pass Ruler. "You’ve explored Xbox Game Pass extensively over the years, but how many titles have you experienced in total? The player in each country who has played the most games to appear on the service will enter the Xbox Hall of Fame." The Xbox team points out that you don't need to have played the game specifically while it was on Xbox Game Pass: "if you played Halo 5 Guardians when it launched for example, it is already counted towards your total!"

Lastly, there's Gamerscore Legend. "Think you've earned more Gamerscore than anyone else this generation? Rack up more over the next few weeks to seal your Xbox Hall of Fame place... take everything you’ve achieved this generation and build on it by working through unplayed games and racking up as much Gamerscore as you can."

Sea of Thieves

There's also Xbox Trials, and its five categories offer "more chances" to win that coveted Hall of Fame spot.

  • First up: from October 2nd to October 4th, if you're at rank 50 and a Pirate Legend, you can compete to earn the most Emissary Value in Athena's Fortune Emissary voyages.
  • There's another Gamerscore-focused trial with Gamerscore Champion, running from October 1st to October 19th, and challenges you to earn as much Gamerscore as you can during that window. To be clear, any Gamerscore earned beforehand won't count: this is a challenge for how much you can earn during those 19 days, and it's only available to players with existing Gamertags.
  • The Forza Horizon 4 trial, meanwhile, will challenge you to reach the fastest lap on the Hall of Fame Circuit while behind the wheel of the 2018 McLaren Senna. You'll have from September 22nd to October 11th to do this.
  • From October 1st to October 19th, you can take part in the Achievement Defeater. Like Gamerscore Champion, this is only measuring the number of achievements you earn in that window, and the Xbox team advises you to go for "fast and simple unlocks" first. "Unlock as many as you can in the qualifying period, and you could go down in history."
  • There's also a Zombie Slayer trial for State of Decay 2, which asks you to clear plague hearts in a new Standard Zone map as quickly as possible. You can't use multiplayer help either, but will need to do this all on your lonesome. The elapsed time between the map start to the last plague heart kill will be measured, and you'll have from October 16th to October 18th to do it.
Forza Horizon 4 Achievements

To add to all this, you can also earn Microsoft Rewards points while fighting for your place in the Hall of Fame, via two Xbox Hall of Fame punch cards, between October 1st and October 19th. You can be richly rewarded for your Gamerscore triumphs, as the Xbox Hall of Fame Gamerscore punch card will earn you one Microsoft Reward point for every Gamerscore earned between October 1st and October 19th (with a maximum limit of 10,000.) Likewise, you can earn up to 500 Microsoft Reward points during the same window by earning achievements, with the Xbox Hall of Fame Achievement punch card.

You won't be competing against every Xbox player in the world. Each participating country has its own Xbox Hall of Fame, so you'll be competing against players in your region. The eight winners for each country will be those players who came top in the three Lifetime Triumph challenges (Achievement Conqueror, Game Pass Ruler, and Gamerscore Legend), as well as those five Xbox Trials. Participating will also reward players, as ten from each country will win a year of Xbox Game Pass Ultimate. You can register here. Good luck everyone!
Heidi Nicholas
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