The Horizons expansion for Elite: Dangerous will soon be made free to all players

By Heidi Nicholas,
From October 27th, Frontier Developments is making the Horizons expansion free to all Elite: Dangerous players.

The Elite Dangerous: Horizons Season Pass usually costs around £19.99/$29.99. If you've already bought it and are feeling a little left out, Frontier is offering a free Azure paint which works with each of the 41 ships available in the game. With Horizons, you can experience planetary landings, weapon crafting, the SRV Scarab ground vehicle, and more star ports and locations.

"2020 has been an intense year for Elite Dangerous' fans," reads the press release, referencing June's free Fleet Carriers update, and the upcoming Odyssey expansion set to launch in early 2021, which will let you explore planets on your own two feet.

You'll be able to purchase Horizons up until October 26th to "obtain the exclusive Horizon owner rewards" and the Azure paint. On October 27th, it will become available to all players.
Heidi Nicholas
Written by Heidi Nicholas
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