Phantasy Star Online 2 gets three new achievements with Episode 5, out today

By Heidi Nicholas,
We have just picked up the Episode 5 achievement list for Phantasy Star Online 2. There are three achievements worth a total of 100 Gamerscore, none of which are secret.

Episode 5

Name Description Gamerscore
Memories of Xion Proof of clearing the EPISODE 1 Story Quest, "An Encounter with Xion." 35
Salvation at Hand Proof of clearing the EPISODE 5 Story Quest, "Beyond the Savior's Outstretched Hands." 35
Turned Into a Principled Paragon Proof you've changed your Main Class to a Hero. 30
Phantasy Star Online 2 is developed and published by SEGA and was released on 15 April 2020.

Interestingly, one achievement mentions Episode 1, but it's likely these achievements are tied up with Episode 5 which launches today, September 30th. Episode 5 has a lot of new content, changes, features, and story involved, and the episode 5 rundown starts with this description:

Finding yourself on a fog-enshrouded, flower-dotted plain, a strong sense of displacement and confusion fills you. You had been mid-battle with the Profound Darkness, yet again, in an attempt to sever its corruptive hold on Persona. Suddenly, you feel the vibration of riders approaching, and spot a girl astride a scaled mount, fleeing other riders atop similar beasts. A confrontation seems imminent, and you briefly have time to reflect on what this new mystery will bring in the way of adventure.
Episode 5

ARKS finds a portal leading to another dimension, Omega, where fantasy, swords, and magic are the order of the day, "instead of technology and science." A strange woman called Alma has also cropped up, with information on Omega and ARKS. Omega itself is divided amongst Cuento, "a land of nature and magic," Weyland, which is made up of plains and winds, Epyk, which shifts from "lush oases" to "barren dunes," and Ys Artia, which is a peaceful destination made up of woods and hills.

Episode 5 also introduces new enemies: Supernaturals, created by "sorcerous summoning-catalyzed by Ephemera." SEGA says operatives have come across Omega Wolf, Foi Sorcerers, Castrum Demonica, and Resta Golems "so far," but it seems there could be more. There's a new Buster Quest type too in which teams of eight operatives defend Buster Towers and Buster Piles — weaponry — ready to defeat the Castrum Demonica.

Episode 5

Fleet Oracle now has a new hero class, which uses swords, twin machine guns — which can be used for ranged combat and which recover PP — and Talises, which "grant the Hero the ability to move to pre-determined locations at high speed." The Hero also has Photon Arts like Trickflash, Jet Wheel, and Starfire Squall.

Episode 5 includes a whole lot more, such as a new level cap increase to 90, new Titles, new seasonal events, new Alliance Quarters, and more.
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