Sea of Thieves Legendary Captain starts today with a chance to enter the Xbox Hall of Fame

By Heidi Nicholas,
The Xbox Hall of Fame competition is underway, and today marks the start of the Sea of Thieves Legendary Captain Xbox Trial. From today, October 2nd, until October 4th, you're tasked with earning as much Emissary Value as you can to help your chances for the hall of fame.

Sea of Thieves Steam

During this qualifying mission, you'll need to participate in Athena's Fortune Emissary voyages in Sea of Thieves. To be able to compete, you'll need to have reached Pirate Legend status with rank 50 with the three Trading Companies. Whoever earns the most Emissary Value will be added to the Xbox Hall of Fame.

This is just one of the chances to get your name in the Xbox Hall of Fame. Already underway are three other Xbox Trials: Gamerscore Champion, Achievement Defeater, and the Forza Horizon 4 trial. The first two run until October 19th, and your task is simple. You just need to earn as much Gamerscore as you can during that window, and unlock as many achievements possible. The Forza Horizon 4 trial only runs until October 11th, and asks you to reach the fastest lap on the Hall of Fame Circuit while driving the 2018 McLaren Senna. The Zombie Slayer trial for State of Decay 2 follows on behind, running from October 16th to October 18th, and tasks you with clear out plague hearts in a Standard Zone map as quickly as you can.

Running in the background of all this are the three Lifetime Triumph categories for the Xbox Hall of Fame competition. Achievement Conqueror, Game Pass Ruler, and Gamerscore Legend all have a qualifying window running between November 22nd, 2013, until October 19th, 2020. Earning the most Gamerscore, unlocking the most achievements, or playing the most Xbox Game Pass games will all give you a chance to enter the hall of fame.

It's just about earning Emissary Value during that weekend, so everyone has a chance — just make sure you're at Rank 50 and a Pirate Legend. Don't forget, you're not facing everyone in the world. Each participating country will have eight winners, with an extra ten players being rewarded for participation with a year of Xbox Game Pass Ultimate. You can register here for the Xbox Hall of Fame event, and to help you keep track of everything, we've also created a new special set of Xbox Hall of Fame leaderboards to check how you're doing and where you place in your country. Good luck!

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