Introducing our Xbox Hall of Fame leaderboards

By Rich Stone,
This week Xbox revealed their Hall of Fame - a set of contests running across all major countries that reward Xbox gamers with some pretty spectacular prizes for earning the most achievements and Gamerscore over the next 19 days.

While you need to register on to take part, there's no way to see where you place in your country to see if you have a chance of claiming one of the top spots that earn prizes.

So we've come to your rescue with a new set of Xbox Hall of Fame leaderboards!

How do the Xbox Hall of Fame leaderboards work?

Xbox has made various rules for these contests, and we've built the leaderboards to follow those rules:

  • There are 2 leaderboards for each participating country - one for achievements won (Achievement Defeater), and one for Gamerscore earned (Gamerscore Champion)
  • Achievements only count if they are earned on the Xbox One - so we've only included Xbox One games and Xbox 360 backwards compatible games
  • Achievements only count if they are won between 1st October 2020 07:01 UTC and 19th October 2020 06:59 UTC
  • Our leaderboards only show gamers registered on TrueAchievements with tracking privileges - it's therefore possible that some Xbox players may be above our number 1 spots
  • Our leaderboards are rebuilt every hour
You can find and share your spot on the leaderboards easily by clicking the appropriate buttons.

Why am I not appearing on the Xbox Hall of Fame leaderboards?

There are a few reasons why you may not appear.

Firstly, make sure you have set your country up correctly in your Regional settings - if you are in the US or Canada please put select your State and we'll add you to the correct leaderboards.

Your country also needs to be one of the valid countries participating - you can see the list on the Xbox Hall of Fame index page.

Secondly, you obviously need to have earned some achievements since the 1st October 2020 07:01 UTC, and they also need to have been scanned into the site.

Finally, you need to be registered on TrueAchievements and have some tracking permissions - Full tracking, Non-stat and Gamerscore only gamers will all appear.

Once all of these requirements are fulfilled, you should just need to wait for the leaderboards to rebuild on the hour and you should appear.

I've got no chance of winning, should I still register?

It is worth mentioning that Xbox are giving prizes to 10 gamers in each country just for participating in these contests, so don't be put off by the crazy scoring that will be required to top each leaderboard!

You can see the full terms and conditions of the contests here.
Rich Stone
Written by Rich Stone
Yo! Rich here - I was the one that created TrueAchievements back in 2008 as I felt the Xbox Gamerscore system could be improved. The site has evolved massively since then and it's now the biggest and best Xbox community on the planet! Racing games and open world shooters are my thing, but I'll give most genres a go. Except RPGs - those things are evil.