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By Michelle Balsan, 7 years ago
Here at TrueAchievements, we do our very best to be a one-stop source for all things 360; from achievement guides, to walkthroughs, to news and everything in between. What we often don't get to emphasize on the front page is that this is a community site, and it's this community which is TA's core strength.

One thing that has an incredible ability to bring a community together are community events, such as Viral Month which we hosted back in February. So, I'm going to take this opportunity to showcase seven different community events, so you can jump in and participate in TA's community in a bigger way. I've separated them into upcoming and ongoing events so you know which ones you can dive into right now and which ones you have time to prepare for.


The Ultrafun: Halo Forever! (For A Day)

With a site the size of TrueAchievements, it should be easy to raise a few bucks for charity. So, several TA staffers are getting together to do a 24-hour gamingathon to raise money for Child's Play. Organized by Jayour, The Ultrafun will begin on July 2nd and subject eight staffers to a full day of non-stop Halo action.

Jayour says:
We're looking to raise money for charity Child's Play. For those of you who haven't heard of this charity before, they raise money to buy video games, toys and all kinds of other stuff which we love! The donations are given to sick children who spend a lot of their lives in and out of the hospital. Now some of these items are installed into the hospitals and some are given to patients as presents, what happens with them is really up to the hospital! The important thing is that these sick kids are spending what free time they get not just stuck in a hospital bed but stuck in a hospital bed plugging away on video games.

The dilemma was, how can we help them, what skills do we have that could help raise money? Well on July 2nd and through to July 3rd I've arranged what is now known as; "The Ultrafun: Halo Forever! (For A Day)". It will consist of myself and 7 other members of staff playing Halo for 24 hours with no stops. During this time we'll be playing through Halo 3, Halo 3: ODST and Halo: Reach on Legendary difficulty. It's a race with 2 teams of 4, the first to finish the race wins.

Immediately we realised that it wasn't really "that" hard and so I decided to spice things up a bit. So there are a bunch of donation milestones, as and when we reach them both teams will have to quit to the menu and add a skull to their playthrough and then carry on from where they left off! The donation milestones and which skulls will be announced closer to the charity event as we still need to finalise a few things but feel free to make some suggestions!
With over 100,000 registered users on TA, we can do an awful lot of good for an awesome charity. Again, look for more details this week!

The Bean Dive/Bean DERP

Perhaps some of you have seen people's signatures about Bean Diving on July 7th. Perhaps that has made you curious as to what the heck that is. Well, here's the man behind the event himself, Beanpotter, to explain how this whole crazy thing started.

Beanpotter says:
Ok, inspiration? Stupidity really with a little rebellious antipathy against all the completionists thrown in. I had been buying a lot of cheap games at the time and had about 30 that were unplayed. I was talking to Badly Worn Toy in the chat room and I thought it would be funny to get 1 achievement in each and destroy my completion percentage at the same time. BWT thought it was a stupid idea and therefore encouraged me to do it.

So, on the 7th of July 2010, my completion percentage went from 84.09% to 68.14%. There were also 60 notifications on my Friend Feed, 1 for each game started and one for each achievement gained. Only a few of my friends knew I was going to do it and so everyone else was like 'WTF!!!' laugh I made a goal to get back to my original percentage by Christmas and missed it by a mile! The process of playing so many games was great and made me really look forward to going back to the good ones asap but I couldn't devote enough time to gaming to make the climb back up. I'm still less than half way even now, the good games just kept on coming...
This year, Beanpotter and several others are celebrating the anniversary of the first Bean Dive and doing a synchronized version of the event on July 7th, 2011. We'll be bringing you more details on both the Dive and the Bean Dive Emergency Recovery Program (or Bean DERP) as the day draws closer, so start saving those unstarted games if you want to participate! Be sure to check out the Bean Diving Board to post your list and feel free to send a request to join the Bean Diving Board Leaderboard as well if you're planning on participating.

And for those of you worried about your friends feed exploding with achievement data that day, don't panic, we'll be providing details on how to edit your feed so it doesn't get overrun closer to the start of the 2nd Annual Bean Dive.

The Great TrueAchievemement Score Challenge

The Great TrueAchievement Score Challenge, or GTASC has been underway since the beginning of the year. While this year's iteration of the event filled up fast, event coordinator planting42 has his eyes already firmly set toward planning next year's GTASC.

planting42 says:
Thinking ahead to next year, there will be several changes, the biggest of which is team size. Teams will consist of 5 players this time around [as opposed to 2 per team as it is this year]. The next biggest change is that any achievements gained offline throughout the scoring period will count against your team. The scoring week will be a 6 day week, to enable scoring and processing of offline achievement data. Still unsure as to if there will be 50 teams with a single elimination or 100 teams with a double elimination. Will likely determine that come time for sign-ups depending on interest. Each team will also be given a week they can take off to ease with vacations and other real life details. There is more I'm still working out, like the requirements for gamers this year. I can say that contestants will be required to be members of TA and hold Xbox Gold membership throughout the contest. I'll get more details out as soon as I can nail them down.
GTASC 2012 will launch on the first Monday of 2012.

360voice.com Brotherhood Achievement Challenge

While this isn't a TrueAchievements competition per se, TA will be a great way to get a team together for 360voice's upcoming, EPIC Games sponsored, Gears of War 3-themed competition. Launching on September 20th, players will form brotherhoods to compete for $10,000 in cash and prizes.

Gamers will unite into Brotherhoods – teams formed via Facebook, Twitter, forums, other social networks or email.
Brotherhoods will compete by unlocking achievements and receiving points for recruiting new players.
The Top 5 Brotherhoods at the end of the challenge will partake in $10,000 in prizes, to be awarded based on their respective rankings.
Keep an eye on 360voice for more details.


TrueAchievement Rock Band 3 Weekly Battles

One of the really neat features about Harmonix's Rock Band 3 is that, if you head to the franchise's website, you can link up your account and join a variety of community-driven Rock Band 3 battles. TA's own AndyLSimmons coordinates weekly battles, featuring both regular and pro instruments.

AndyLSimmons says:
The TrueAchievement Rock Band 3 Weekly Battles is a group of gamers on TA that compete each week with a selection of songs on Rock Band 3 over eight different instruments. Every week we have a theme, often genre related, that we use to select the songs and anyone can suggest songs to be used. The battles are open to everyone and to sign up, you simply need to join the leaderboard TA RB3 Weekly Battles then, to join the battles, you will require an account on RockBand.com.
If you want to see what's up for this week's contest and to vote on next week's entry, check the Week 9 - Classic Rock 2 thread in the forums.

The TA Challenge Belts

Think you're the very best at a particular genre of games? Want to put that theory to the test? Well, Ergo Me Smart has put together just the event for you!

Ergo Me Smart says:
The TA Challenge Belt is a multiplayer-based contest that works in a similar way to boxing or wrestling. There are various 'belts' based on a certain genre or game series (with more added every month), with a champion for each 'belt'. Anyone can challenge the champion in the available games in order to become the new champion. Can you become champion and get yourself into the 'Hall of Fame'? Only one way to find out...
If you want more details, feel free to peruse the TrueAchievements Challenge Belt Forum, as well as join the TrueAchievements Challenge Belt leaderboard.

The Marvel vs. Capcom Challenge

Ever thought of completing every game featuring Marvel and/or developed by Capcom? Well SM Scorx has, and he's issued a challenge for those of you who think you might be the Marvel/Capcom master.

SM Scorx says:
For the challenge, the goal is very simplistic: get all the gamerscore in all the Marvel and Capcom games. I listed all current and upcoming games on the thread I created to serve as a checklist for Challengers to see what they needed and would update the list when a game is announced or cancelled (like Mega Man Universe). The first person to complete it would receive Microsoft Points as the grand prize and receive the title Marvel vs. Capcom Challenge Champion of the Xbox 360.
This will certainly prove to be a huge undertaking and I wish those trying it the best of luck. Be sure to join the conversation about this challenge in the Marvel vs. Capcom Challenge thread linked in the above quote.


As you can see, there's a lot going on here at TrueAchievements.com that you may not catch just by glancing at the front page or your feed. Go on and jump in if any of these interest you!

Have a competition you're running that didn't get showcased here? Send me a PM with what the contest is, when it's running and other basic details and it might be included in a future article about community events!
Michelle Balsan
Written by Michelle Balsan
Michelle is the Assistant Manager of the Newshounds at TrueAchievements and has been a member of staff since 2010. When not contributing to gaming websites, she makes her living as a mild-mannered librarian. She can be compelled to play just about anything if there's a co-op component, and has been playing games with friends and siblings since the Atari 2600. As it's reportedly healthy to have hobbies outside of gaming, she also roots for some of the most difficult sporting franchises to root for, the New York Mets and New York Jets, but offsets that by rooting for the New Jersey Devils. She's also seen pretty much none of the movies you have, but she's working on that.