Hyper Scape Season 2 turns the floor to lava with a new mode

By Heidi Nicholas,
Season 2 of Hyper Scape starts next week on October 6th, with a new weapon, hack, landmark, and new modes.

Season 2 brings the Atrax weapon, the new Platform hack, the Memorial landmark, and two new game modes: Crown Rush Duo and Floor is Lava. There's also another 100-tier Battle Pass with new cosmetics.

Hyper Scape was a bit of a shadow-drop from Ubisoft earlier in the year. In a recent Ubisoft blog post, the Hyper Scape team says although they were "thrilled with the response" and "July’s launch and Open Beta on PC were successful," they didn't "achieve the high expectations we set for ourselves with our full release on console that followed in August," nor the high player expectation. On that note, the blog post was an announcement about the current state of the game, and where it is headed. "We are focused on a single goal," the team says. "We want Hyper Scape to be a game everyone can play and enjoy."

To that end, the dev team came up with five key pillars for the future of Hyper Scape: combat comfort, onboarding, game modes, player goals, and cross play. For instance, the team thinks that in the game's current state, the skill ceiling and floor is too high and difficult for new players, and that console players find it harder to aim and damage players. They also want to offer more "training activities" to "protect newcomers." This idea of combat as too challenging seems to run through these pillars, as the Hyper Scape team adds that Crown Rush itself is "unforgiving." They're looking at adding respawn systems and "deathmatch" game modes. As for medium and long-term goals, Season 2 will add the Player Ranking system, and the team also intends to introduce other progression systems. Season 2 will also have more frequent updates.

Lastly, the Hyper Scape developers say they're thinking of introducing Cross Play earlier than originally planned, to "help address the current issues of lobby size." The developers says they're following the influence of the Rainbow Six: Siege team. "To deliver on these pillars, we are restructuring our development team into a cell-based format, which we have seen our colleagues on Rainbow Six: Siege use to fantastic results. These interdisciplinary cells allow greater focus and autonomy in tackling the work ahead. Each pillar has a dedicated dev cell."

Hyper Scape Season 2 begins next week on October 6th.
Heidi Nicholas
Written by Heidi Nicholas
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