Phil Spencer thinks "we’re years away from 8K being standard in video games.”

By Heidi Nicholas,
In a recent interview with WIRED, several members of the Xbox team discussed a number of points about the past, present, and future of Xbox.

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Xbox head Phil Spencer says he'd like a gaming future in which “the device doesn’t dictate to me what I can do — I’m going to want to bring my experience to any device, whether it’s a PC, my phone, or a great console,” as much of his experience "as a gamer 10, 20 years ago was dictated by what device I played on." Liz Hamren, Xbox's head of platform engineering and hardware, added that she thinks the Xbox team will support all types of gaming. “I think we're really good at the melting-into-the-couch... I think we've nailed that," she says, going on to add, "we'll continue to be great at that. We're never gonna abandon it. But also, I do want us to feel like no matter how you play—deep melting into the couch or casual—we support it." Hamren also quotes the benefits of Quick Resume. “I can walk into my house, maybe I have an Alexa or a Google Home, and I'm like, ‘Turn on my Xbox.’ I can sit down, I can play, and then I can go off and do something else, versus psychologically feeling like I need more time."

Phil Spencer later discussed ray tracing and 8K resolution. “When I think about games where ray-tracing has had a dramatic impact on my experience as a player... it’s kind of spotty," he says, adding, "I think 8K is aspirational technology... the display capabilities of devices are not really there yet. I think we’re years away from 8K being — if it ever is — standard in video games.”

Talking about the wider gaming audience, Spencer says that the Xbox team doesn't think of PC players "as lesser because they didn't go buy one of our consoles," adding, "at some point, we're going to have Xbox customers who only know us on their phone, and that's also fine." With developments like Cloud Gaming leading to more Xbox customers on different platforms, there's also increasing availability in what they can play as the Xbox Game Pass services continue to grow. Sarah Bond, the leader of Microsoft's gaming ecosystem, touches on this when talking to WIRED about Game Pass on the Xbox One. "We see that people actually spend 20 percent more time playing games, try 30 percent more genres, and play 40 percent more total games, including outside the subscription... We have seen the highest levels of engagement ever on our own games and growth in the playerbase.”

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Microsoft continues to add to and invest in Xbox Game Pass. Each month brings new additions — such as the five games joining Xbox Game Pass in October — and more and more high-quality games are being added, especially as Microsoft aims to release big exclusives, like the new Fable, onto the Xbox Game Pass services. Microsoft is also busy building up its Xbox Game Studios, and with the recent massive acquisition of Bethesda Softworks, the possibility of what we could one day see on Xbox Game Pass is even more promising.
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