Planet Coaster: Console Edition players can get a free next-gen upgrade of the game

By Heidi Nicholas,
Frontier Developments will offer a free optimised upgrade for Planet Coaster: Console Edition players moving on to next-gen consoles. As soon as it becomes available, you'll be able to log on to your Xbox Series X with the account you bought the game with and download the optimised version.

The news comes alongside the second dev diary for the console edition of Planet Coaster, which runs through ways to play the game. New tutorial levels with new characters have been added to the console edition to guide you through the essentials, and then you can go on to play career mode, sandbox mode, or challenge mode. Career mode now has full voiceovers, and challenge mode has new difficulty settings for a total of four difficulty modes.

Planet Coaster: Console Edition has "been designed with couch gaming in mind," says Frontier's Philippa Moore, "so we've re-designed the interfaces and the UIs, so it's bigger, clearer to read, easier to see from your sofa." There's also a new control scheme, new "forward-facing blueprints," and a help panel. The Grid Building Mode is also new, giving more control on spacing when building. Console players will still be able to use mouse and keyboard.

The next-gen upgrade means if you build a park and share it to the workshop, and then move on to the next-gen console, you can carry on with that same park from the workshop. Don't forget, the free next-gen upgrade isn't available for physical versions of the game if you move onto the Xbox Series S or the PS5 Digital Edition.

Planet Coaster: Console Edition launches during the holiday period 2020.
Heidi Nicholas
Written by Heidi Nicholas
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