Hyper Scape Season 2 The Aftermath is out now, with a Daily Gift for every day you play

By Heidi Nicholas,
Season 2 of Hyper Scape, The Aftermath, begins today, October 6th, with several pieces of new content, including new gameplay lore, a new weapon, district, and hack. New modes will also arrive during Season 2, and you'll get a Daily Gift — like cosmetics — for every day you start up Hyper Scape, starting from today.

The new Atrax weapon shoots "sticky explosives" which blow up after a little time, while the Platform hack does exactly what it says on the tin, allowing you to create platforms wherever you'd like — especially important when the Floor is Lava mode arrives and you're trying to avoid all the magma. Along with Floor is Lava and Crown Rush Duo, Season 2 also brings back Faction War and Turbo Mode, along with other as-yet-unrevealed modes. Crown Rush solo will also be back, with a new Second Chance feature to bring players back.

The Memorial district and landmark are new to Season 2, and as the cinematic trailer above shows, were built by Dr. Tan and Prisma Dimensions to remember those affected by the Blackout. The season's story continues with the effects of the Blackout, which is being investigated by journalist Nahari and Amandine Romee. The Memorial landmark is at the top of a hill in the north of Neo-Arcadia, offering a good lookout position.

Season 2's Halloween event will run from October 10th to November 3rd, with Crown Rush Squad, Crown Rush solo and Dark Haze Squad only available by night. Neo-Arcadia will also be decked out in Halloween decorations, as well as the game hub. Season 2 is available now.
Heidi Nicholas
Written by Heidi Nicholas
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