Balan Wonderworld director shares more info on characters, co-op & the adorable Tims

By Heidi Nicholas,
The director of Balan Wonderworld has shared a whole load of new info about the game's characters, co-op, and, most importantly of all, how to raise the Tims — adorable creatures born of happiness.

Balan Wonderworld

Over on the Square Enix news post, director Yuji Naka dives into an in-depth preview of the game. In case you missed it, Balan Wonderworld was announced during July's Xbox Games Showcase and while it looked beautiful and hugely promising, it had one of those mysterious trailers which somehow manages to leave you almost more confused than before. Balan Wonderworld is based around the Balan Theatre, in the "bizarre and imaginary land of Wonderworld — a weird place where memories and vistas from the real world mix with the things that people hold dear." Balan himself will be your guide to the "whacky weirdness of Wonderworld." Balan also leaves us with some questions — are his eyes part of the top hat? — but there's a lot to cover, so let's move on. The two main heroes are 15-year-old Leo Craig and Emma Cole, while the more "sinister" character is Lance, who "traps visitors to Wonderworld inside their own hearts, creating monsters out of their own negativity."

Balan Wonderworld

Wonderworld is divided into a number of different regions, and the hub area is the Isle of Tims. This brings us on to what is arguably the most important part of the game. Tims are adorable, fluffy-chick-style entities that are "created from the happiness felt by people in the real world." Tims come with you on adventures. There's a number of colours and personalities — for example, red Tims attack enemies and pink Tims find things for you — and you can raise the Tims by feeding them drops, causing their colour to change and new attributes to be assumed. The more positive emotions, the more Tims, but this works both ways. Negativity leads to fewer Tims and the end of Happiness Time, leading to the disappearance of happy memories and emotions.

On the less pleasant side, there are the 12 Worlds inside Hearts, "distorted and dangerous areas created by negativity and worry" and filled with Negati enemies. Think less Tims, more traps. Leo and Emma can find over 80 costumes, which seem to give you the skills needed to move around these worlds. Balan will have left drops and Balan Statues — apparently of himself — around the place, and aside from raising Tims, these also seem to open new doors for you.

Balan Wonderworld

Aside from the Negati, you'll also come across boss battles. These are the inhabitants of the hearts, who have presumably been trapped by Lance and possessed by the Negati. Defeating them will free the inhabitants, leading, naturally, to a musical number.

Balan Wonderworld launches for Xbox One and Xbox Series X on March 26th 2021. There will also be a local co-op mode for two players, with each playing as either Leo or Emma.
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