Microsoft debuts the Power Your Dreams campaign and Xbox Series X|S launch trailer

By Heidi Nicholas,
Microsoft has unveiled the Xbox Series X|S launch trailer as part of the Power Your Dreams campaign, featuring a new song from Labrinth.

Over on the corresponding Xbox Wire post, Josh Munsee, senior manager of Xbox Integrated Marketing, discusses the campaign in more detail. "As we approach the launch of a new generation of gaming, there comes a renewed source of joy and inspiration for gamers around the world. We invite you to come on this journey with us. To dream of more vibrant and living gaming worlds. To dream of being instantly transported to your games at blazingly fast speeds. To dream of discovering your full gaming potential through high visual fidelity and even higher framerates, never experienced on consoles before."

Munsee says the global launch of the Power Your Dreams campaign speaks to the positive experiences of gaming and the idea that "when we game – whether on console, PC or phone, we dream. Sometimes we dream about being someone else or about being our true selves. Sometimes we dream of an epic win with a group of friends or a solo adventure that challenges what we think we’re capable of. And sometimes we dream of first place or making this world a better place."

This launch trailer, called "Us Dreamers," features Daniel Kaluuya as the "hero protagonist" and a new song from Labrinth, titled "No Ordinary." In the trailer, Munsee says, Daniel comes home, starts up his Xbox, and is "quickly transitioned into his gaming dream." Later, as he travels through sci-fi style worlds, Daniel encounters another gamer experiencing her own gaming dream.

"Thank you to the Xbox fans who have been on this journey with us since the beginning and welcome to the fans who may be joining us for the first time," concludes Munsee. "The incredible reception and energy surrounding Xbox Series X and Xbox Series S has been simply inspiring to all of us at team Xbox." There's just over a month to go until the Xbox Series X and Xbox Series S launch on November 10th, and the hype for the next generation of console gaming is starting to get real. Don't forget, you can check out our list of every confirmed Xbox Series X/S launch game so far to get an idea of what you'll be playing first when the next-gen consoles launch next month.
Heidi Nicholas
Written by Heidi Nicholas
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