TrueAchievements mobile site launch

By Rich Stone,
The request that we’ve had more than any other over the last 2 years is for a mobile TrueAchievements application – be it iPhone, Android or Windows Phone 7.

Having researched the topic extensively, I decided that instead of creating 4 or more native apps (one for each phone OS), I would create a web-based version of the site optimized for phones.

This has numerous advantages over native apps:

- Only one version of the code, so no need to learn 4 more coding languages
- Instant site updates, so no need to wait for stores to approve changes
- Fast turnaround of additional features

So I am delighted to announce the launch of TA Mobile – which you can find at

The full list of functionality, along with screenshots of the site on an iPhone, can be found here: TrueAchievements Mobile details

The site is available in 2 versions – a free version that anyone can use, and a Pro versions available to those who have a new TA Pro account. This scheme replaces the previous donation scheme in its entirety, and you can read more about it here: TrueAchievements Pro Account

Those that have donated previously will be moved automatically to the TA Pro account for a full year for every $10 they donated from the point they made the donation. You can see when your Pro account subscription is due to expire by hovering the mouse pointer over your TA Pro badge.

These subscriptions will go towards continual upgrade of the TA servers and hosting (I'll have more news on this soon).

Many thanks to everyone involved in the testing of the mobile site, I couldn’t have done this without you!


EDIT: Please post bug reports, feature requests and any other feedback for the mobile site in here: TrueAchievements Mobile Forum
Rich Stone
Written by Rich Stone
Yo! Rich here - I was the one that created TrueAchievements back in 2008 as I felt the Xbox Gamerscore system could be improved. The site has evolved massively since then and it's now the biggest and best Xbox community on the planet! Racing games and open world shooters are my thing, but I'll give most genres a go. Except RPGs - those things are evil.