XBox LIVE Indie Games Should Gain Achievements

By mancide, 7 years ago
To whom it may concern:

With the introduction of the Kinect Fun Labs gadgets/games, I think now is the time to seriously revisit the idea of Xbox Live Indie Games achievements. With the introduction of Kinect Fun Labs: Bobble Head, Kinect Fun Labs: Build A Buddy, Kinect Fun Labs: Googly Eyes, and Kinect Fun Labs: Kinect Me, which each added eight achievements worth a total of 50G, I cannot see a reason why this model could not be adopted for Xbox Live Indie Games.

It seems as though you are constantly evolving the achievement guidelines. Previously, we were told that free content could not include achievements. While this rule has been broken on various occasions, this recent introduction of gadgets worth 50G seems to be the most obvious exception to the previous rules.

This is the first time content has been released that contains this amount of gamerscore. I do not want to sound ungracious, but this type of level would be perfect for $1-3 XBLIG titles; with the release of these gadgets, you have just established that small apps are worth 50G each. We already have some developers including achievables because they cannot use proper achievements. Microsoft is clearly out in front in this area of gaming at present. Do not let the competition catch up to you because you did not evolve the standards for this area, like you have for the rest of the service.

Are you worried that this would cause an influx of so-called easy $1 XBLIG titles to inflate gamerscore? I don't know how you can use that as justification when Kinect Me took all of twenty minutes to complete and get the full 50G. I also didn't pay any money for this app, so I would say that the completion rate on these gadgets will skew to the high-side of what you could expect from an XBLIG title.

Again, I urge you, use this as an opportunity to continually evolve the achievement standards for the betterment of the community and Xbox Live as a whole. Let them use the proper achievements; help this segment of Xbox Live thrive and flourish.
Written by mancide
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