Ikenfell's next patch will make that last gem accessible, fixing two achievements

By Heidi Nicholas,
At the moment, there is one Rare Gem missing from Ikenfell, causing two achievements to be unobtainable. Luckily, the upcoming patch will make that last gem accessible, although another patch will be needed to fix the last glitched achievement.

Ikenfell Achievements

The last gem is needed for the Bought All Gem Accessories achievement and Upgraded All Gem Accessories achievement, both of which currently show as having 0 tracked gamers. We reached out to developer Chevy Ray, who says that last gem was actually accidentally deleted, but that patch v.1.0.2 will make it accessible. This should ensure you'll be able to unlock those two achievements.

IkenfellBought All Gem AccessoriesThe Bought All Gem Accessories achievement in Ikenfell worth 247 pointsBought All Gem Accessories

IkenfellUpgraded All Gem AccessoriesThe Upgraded All Gem Accessories achievement in Ikenfell worth 377 pointsUpgraded All Gem Accessories

There's one more achievement players have been experiencing issues with. Bear in mind, 23 of the 27 Ikenfell achievements are secret, and this last one is an end-game achievement, so don't click that link unless you're happy to see potential end-game spoilers! It appears to be glitched at the moment, as several TA players have reported issues with it, and Chevy Ray says this is a "strange bug" which currently appears to only be on Xbox. Ray adds that more testing is needed to sort it, and this first patch won't fix that achievement.

Patch v.1.0.2 is out on Steam and GOG and has been submitted for consoles, and will hopefully be approved soon. "Apologies to the achievement hunters who want to complete it, sometimes these bugs are extremely hard to track down," Ray says.

Ikenfell is a magical turn-based RPG. It's out on Xbox Game Pass now and utterly charming — you pet cats to save the game — so if you haven't tried it yet, check out what we thought in our Ikenfell: Game Pass first impressions.
Heidi Nicholas
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