Xbox Hall of Fame: State of Decay 2 Zombie Slayer Trial is live now

By Sean Carey,
The final Xbox Hall of Fame challenge is live now, and if you're any good at State of Decay 2, you might be able to grab yourself a place in the Xbox Hall of Fame by competing in the Zombie Slayer Trial.

State of Decay 2 Hall of Fame Trial

To win the Zombie Slayer Trial, you must clear a new map (any of the four core maps, excluding Heartland) of plague hearts as quickly as possible. This has to be done in Single Player mode, on Standard difficulty, (or higher if you want to make it harder on yourself for no reason at all) and on an Xbox console. This trial isn't for PC players, unfortunately. The player who clears the map of plague hearts the fastest will win the trial and be entered into the hallowed Xbox Hall of Fame.

Attacking a plague heart spawns waves of plague zombies that you'll need to contend with while destroying the heart. These plague zombies will instantly die off when you kill the heart, but remaining plague hearts will become tougher to eliminate. According to the State of Decay Fandom page, the easiest way to destroy these beating masses is by attacking them at range with soda can bombs and explosives. The State of Decay stream embedded below goes over the rules and also provides a few more hints and tips on map selection and weapons that you might find handy, so it's definitely worth a watch.

According to the State of Decay website, you don't need to start a new community — you can use an existing community and legacy characters. The timer for the speed run begins when a new map is initialised. The State of Decay team says, "To do this, you have the option to map travel to any other map, or use the Map difficulty slider under Advanced Difficulty settings, to restart the map you’re on. The clock starts when you move to or refresh your map." On your pause screen, you'll also see a special Xbox Hall of Fame banner which displays a timer when playing. Once you've destroyed the final heart, you can view your final time from this banner. You can attempt the speed run as many times as you like up until 11:59 PM PT on October 18th and 2:59 AM ET / 7:59 AM BST on October 19th. Your fastest time will be saved.

It goes without saying, but to keep the trial as fair as possible Undead Labs has said that if you try to begin the challenge with hacked or modded weapons, you'll see a notification error where the timer displays and you won't be able to compete. "Vehicles, weapons, and characters — including legacy characters — that have been modified through save-file hacking or other means will be disqualified from the competition. Be careful to not carry over any legacy characters that have been modified as this will also disqualify you." Undead Labs says if you do have any disqualifying items, the best thing to do is to start a new community for the trial. Any unmodified legacy characters can still be brought over. If you're unclear on any of these rules, head over to the State of Decay Hall of Fame page and read over the FAQ.

State of Decay 2 Hall of Fame Trial

Before attempting the trial, you'll need to have registered on the Xbox Hall of Fame website, which you can do here. The State of Decay Zombie Slayer Trial is live now and runs until 11:59 PM PT on October 18th, and 2:59 AM ET / 7:59 AM BST on October 19th.

Let us know if you'll be competing in the comments below. Good luck!
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