Xbox Hall of Fame: here are the top contenders from each country

By Sean Carey,
The Xbox Hall of Fame competition is drawing to a close with several players still competing in the main two categories: Gamerscore Champion and Achievement Defeater. With the event officially ending on October 19th, we thought we'd take a look at our Hall of Fame leaderboards and see who's in prime position to take the top spots and enter the coveted Xbox Hall of Fame.

As a side note, it's possible that there could be non-TA users who are competing in these two categories that don't feature on our leaderboards.

Xbox Hall of Fame leaderboards

United States

In the US, the current leader for both the Gamerscore Champion and Achievement Defeater is Phnar. Somehow, Phnar has racked up a huge 280,470 Gamerscore from 4,612 achievements and sits with a comfortable 87,000G lead over second place.

United Kingdom

In the UK, things are somewhat closer. Bond OO7 is top of the Gamerscore Champion leaderboard with 231,515 Gamerscore followed by GhostlyGrimoire with 199,285G. On the Achievement Defeater side, Ghostly Grimoire is top of the table with 3,948 unlocked achievements. Bond OO7 sits in second with 3,767 popped achievements.


Anti Champ is currently in the lead for both the Gamerscore Champion and Achievement Defeater categories. However, things are much closer in the land down under. Anti Champ sits with 183,755 Gamerscore and 3,093 achievements, but Shadowmere142 is closely following behind with 169,375G and 2,770 achievements. It's still a fair margin, but over the course of the competition, we've seen some insane daily Gamerscore totals.


Austria's runaway leader is dBDragsau, who is perched comfortably at the top of the leaderboards with 112,551 Gamerscore (just over double second place's efforts) and 2,209 achievements.


Over in Brazil, things are close. Around 16,000G separates the leader MaicoMafiaBR (149,435G) and second place LordHelvig (133,555G). MaicoMafiaBR is also top in the Achievement Defeater category with 2,465 popped achievements.


Canada has four contenders who are all pretty close to one another in terms of Gamerscore. Shadow Tobuscus leads the pack with 113,445G, followed by BPERCY with 107,280G in second, sundog27 with 104,845G in third, and Noodles Jr coming in fourth with 97,634. It'll be worth keeping an eye on this leaderboard over the weekend. Strangely enough, Mr The Ninja (who sits in 12th place on the Gamerscore Champion leaderboard) is top of the Achievement Defeater leaderboard. Mr The Ninja has clearly done their research and chosen games which contain high numbers of achievements.


For the French, GT PainMat94 is currently leading Gamerscore Champion with 119,128G and Achievement Defeater with 2,078 achievements unlocked.


In Germany, we see Adeooka topping both leaderboards with 162,541 Gamerscore and 2,966 achievements unlocked. Roughly 16,000G and 700 achievements separates second-place ERR 5h0wt1m3 from Adeooka.


The Gamerscore Champion award in Italy is between two people, and it's ridiculously close. At the time of writing, just 380 Gamerscore separates leader Kurjak (99,080G) from second-place xibal2009 (98,700G). Currently, Xibal2009 is top in the Achievement Defeater category with 1,778 achievements unlocked.


The runaway leader for both categories in Mexico is NaughtyOscar334, who has managed to rack up 229,272 Gamerscore and unlock 3,855 achievements.


Things are close over in the Netherlands. At the time of writing, just 1,175G separates the top two for Gamerscore Champion. EpicLidlBrian is top with 142,800G and FRZZZZZ is in second place with 141,625G. The two are close in the Achievement Defeater category too. FRZZZZZ is top with 2,310 achievements, closely followed by EpicLidlBrian with 2,254 achievements.

New Zealand

Scudze is top of the Gamerscore Champion leaderboard with 78,945 Gamerscore, followed by Spbw with 62,490G in second. For Achievement Defeater, the roles are reversed with Spbw topping the table with 1,584 achievements unlocked and Scudze with 1,350.


Things are close over in Poland between the top two. PINGOWSKI, the current leader, sits with 104,410 Gamerscore but is closely followed by Evil Gaara PL on 102,560G. PINGOWSKI sits with a comfortable 700 achievement lead for Achievement Defeater with 2,378 unlocked achievements.


The current Spanish Gamerscore Champion leader is Ilindur with 132,120, followed by juanramonh, who has racked up 125,300G. Ilindur is also leading the way in Achievement Defeater with 2,209 achievements popped.


For the Swedes, TimedjelIyfish is the current leader in both categories, with 159,620G and 2,527 achievements unlocked, although cribbel isn't too far behind in either.


And finally, in Switzerland, I Takuya I is leading the pack in both Gamerscore Champion and Achievement Defeater with 100,640 Gamerscore and 1,781 achievements unlocked

The Xbox Hall of Fame competition runs until 11:59 PM PT on October 19th, so it's all still to play for in several countries. Italy, Poland, Netherlands, and Canada are definitely the leaderboards to keep an eye on over the weekend as the top contenders are all very close. If you didn't fancy competing in these two categories, you do have another chance to enter the Xbox Hall of Fame. The State of Decay 2 Zombie Slayer Trial began today. If you're the fastest in the world at destroying all of the plague hearts on a single State of Decay 2 map, you'll be entered into the Xbox Hall of Fame, and of course, win a bunch of swag and an Xbox Series X to go along with your new-found accolade.

If you're interested, I tried my hand at topping the UK Gamerscore Champion leaderboard when the competition first started back on October 2nd. You can read part one and part two of my Ratalaika-filled journey. Spoiler: it didn't go so well.
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