HyperBrawl Tournament achievement list revealed

By Rich Stone,
We have just picked up the HyperBrawl Tournament Achievement list.

There are 41 achievements worth a total of 1,000 Gamerscore, none of which are secret.

HyperBrawl Tournament Achievements

Name Description Gamerscore
HyperBrawl Champion Reach level 20 90
Learning Curve Score 100 goals. 20
Goals Equal Glory Score 250 goals. 25
Cage Breaker Score 500 goals. 30
The First Rule Knock out 100 opponents. 20
The Second Rule Knock out 250 opponents. 25
No Rules Knock out 500 opponents. 30
Headache Knock out 30 players with the ball. 25
Hammer Time Knock out 100 players with weapons. 25
Use The HyperForce Knock out 100 players with HyperForce. 25
Triple Threat Score a goal, assist a goal and save a shot in a single match. 10
It's A Knockout KO an opponent with melee, a weapon and a ball in a single match. 10
Fast As Lightning Win 25 Blitz matches. 20
Riding The Storm Win 50 Blitz Matches. 25
Ballroom Blitz Win 100 Blitz Matches. 40
Double Hat-Trick Score 6 goals in a Blitz match. 10
Beginner's Luck Win a Blitz match. 10
Hot Potato Complete 50 passes in Blitz. 10
Interceptor Make 50 interceptions in Blitz. 10
Not Even Close Baby Win a match in Sudden Death. 10
Identity Crisis Win a match with 8 different heroes. 25
Stadium Tour Win a match in 8 different arenas. 25
League Of Our Own Win 30 Campaign Matches. 40
League Debut Win a Galaxy League match. 10
In It To Win It Win a Cosmic Cup match. 10
Galaxy Manager Create a team in Campaign. 5
Try Hard Win a match against an Elite level bot. 20
One More Game Win an Arcade Mode match. 10
Trials Initiate Complete The Trials. 5
Trials Adept Complete Advanced Trials. 5
Trials Master Complete Advanced Trials with a 3 star rating. 10
Baby's First Goal Score your first goal. 5
Cosmic Contender Win Cosmic Cup on Bronze or harder. 20
Cosmic Champion Win Cosmic Cup on Gold. 60
Cosmic Conqueror Win Cosmic Cup on Silver or harder. 40
Galactic Hero Win Galaxy League on Bronze or harder. 20
Galactic Star Win Galaxy League on Gold. 60
Galactic Icon Win Galaxy League on Silver or harder. 40
Blitz Fighter Achieve a 3 win streak in Blitz. 20
Blitz Warrior Achieve a 6 win streak in Blitz. 60
Blitz Berserker Achieve a 9 win streak in Blitz. 40
Smash, brawl and score your way to victory in relentless, high-adrenaline PvP arena battles for 1-4 players. Master the HyperCurve and channel the HyperForce to become the greatest hero in the universe.
HyperBrawl Tournament is developed and published by Milky Tea Studios and is scheduled to be released on 20 October 2020.
Rich Stone
Written by Rich Stone
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