Spellbreak's Prologue launches tomorrow, with next major patch bringing Chapter 1

By Heidi Nicholas,
Spellbreak's roadmap has a lot of content planned, starting with the Prologue: The Gathering Storm launching tomorrow, October 22nd. Developer Proletariat has shared a little more about what we can expect in tomorrow's update.


When the prologue was first announced, Proletariat hinted that it would introduce a chapter system, a 9v9 clash mode, new outfits, new consumables, new talents, and more. The devs are still keeping a few details close to their chests, but we've learned a thing or two about what's to come tomorrow. There will be three new talents: Vigor, Foresight, and Ambidextrous. Jesse Kurlancheek, design director and co-founder of Proletariat, detailed these over on Reddit. "Talents are one of the ways we’re going to intentionally change up builds / the “meta” from patch to patch, due to either rotating talents out, adding new ones, or just by simply changing some numbers," Kurlancheek says. "The goal is to keep the game fresh and evolve it over time, rather than let it settle and grow stagnant. There’s a line to walk here, though…we want players to be able to discover and build around things between patches and not yank the rug out from under them, but we also want to bring new strategies to the fore and let previously dominant ones wane." Kurlancheek adds that all of these talents will be unlocked from the start.


Also arriving with the Prologue are the new consumables: the Safeguard potion and the Knowledge potion. Both have an epic rarity. Safeguard refills 25 health and armour, while the Knowledge potion gives two bonus charges to your Rune and Sorceries. Proletariat is making changes to other basic health potions and armour shards, which you can read about in full in another Reddit post.

As per the Spellbreak roadmap, the prologue introduces a new chapter system, with Chapter 1 arriving as the next major patch. Kurlancheek adds, "we want to tell you a story in Spellbreak and we want to do it over the course of weeks, months, and years. It’s not just about adding a new gameplay mechanic every other week, but about exploring WHY that gameplay exists in the world. We want you to explore new content and an expanding world with us and your fellow players. At the most basic level, the Chapter system provides you with weekly quest-based story content and rewards. On top of that, as you make your way through the Chapter as a whole, you’ll unlock new gameplay and cosmetic rewards."

The beginning of the Chapter system brings you back with Avira Emberdane, "who will help further hone your skills as a battlemage, and earn some tasty cosmetics along the way," while Chapter 1 will "kick the story off in earnest," bringing you up against the Order of the Vowbreakers and tasking you with stopping the Spellstorm. Confusingly, although it's not called Chapter 1, the prologue still seems to be considered as the first chapter: "the Prologue Chapter we’re releasing next week can be thought of as a shorter introduction to the Chapter system and what we’re hoping to accomplish with it... As a celebration of this being our first Chapter, we’re making the Prologue Chapter and all of its rewards (if you manage to earn them) completely free." From Chapter 1 onwards, chapters will have "twice as many quests, levels, and rewards."

Then, arriving with the prologue, there's the 9v9 team deathmatch mode Clash: "an excellent way to blow off steam and get into some non-stop Spellbreak combat as you battle another team in a race to a predetermined number of exiles." The prologue also introduces "Hollowed Eve," with Halloween cosmetics including the Fashion Witch, the Snow Wraith, the Candy-Coated Conjurer, and more. The prologue launches tomorrow, October 22nd, and Proletariat will be sharing more news today at 1pm ET over on their Twitch channel. We'll keep you posted.
Heidi Nicholas
Written by Heidi Nicholas
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