Dead by Daylight's The Eternal Blight starts today as the final Hallowed Blight chapter

By Heidi Nicholas,
Dead by Daylight is entering into the Halloween spirit with the Eternal Blight event, which brings the final chapter of the Hallowed Blight story arc, and Halloween Challenges with Tome V: Unleashed.

The Eternal Blight runs from October 21st to November 4th, giving a makeover to the Entity’s Realm and bringing specific event Hooks and Generators for extra Bloodpoints. Over on their Halloween 2020 post, the Dead by Daylight devs say the Eternal Blight event brings back the Pustula Flowers to the Fog, "bringing with them Halloween items and add-ons from years past, as well as some new additions that are sure to provide plenty of treats, and even a few tricks for you to discover." The Eternal Blight event also adds a time-limited Blighted Serum Killer add-on, available through the Bloodweb, and granting "the power of the Pustula Power" — in other words, a speed boost like the Blight's Rush ability.

The Dead by Daylight team add that this Eternal Blight event also "brings with it the final chapter in The Hallowed Blight story arc that began in 2018," before going on to discuss Tome V: Unleashed. Tome V: Unleashed brings new Halloween challenges "to uncover the story of Talbot Grimes’ slow descent into madness and his journey in The Entity’s Realm" with new lore entries in The Archives. Aside from Talbot Grimes, Tome V includes the memories of Nea Karlsson and Max Thompson Jr. Tome V isn't just specific to Halloween, and there will be further challenges up to the end of the year. The Unleashed Rift also offers over 60 cosmetic items with a total worth of 20,000 Auric Cells via the Free and Premium tracks. Unlocking the Rift Pass automatically unlocks three items for 1,000 Auric Cells.
Heidi Nicholas
Written by Heidi Nicholas
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