Ikenfell's latest patch is now live, all achievements now appear obtainable

By Heidi Nicholas,
Ikenfell developer Chevy Ray has confirmed that update 1.0.2 is now live for Xbox, fixing bugs and those last few achievements. If you've been holding back on playing until those achievements were sorted, you should now be able to complete the game in full.

Previously, there had been an issue with three Ikenfell achievements. Two of these, the Bought All Gem Accessories achievement and the Upgraded All Gem Accessories achievement, were unobtainable because the last gem had been accidentally deleted from the game. This latest patch makes that gem obtainable and gets you that much closer to completing Ikenfell.

IkenfellBought All Gem AccessoriesThe Bought All Gem Accessories achievement in Ikenfell worth 136 pointsBought All Gem Accessories

IkenfellUpgraded All Gem AccessoriesThe Upgraded All Gem Accessories achievement in Ikenfell worth 206 pointsUpgraded All Gem Accessories

A third secret achievement had also been unobtainable, for different reasons. Ray said this bug only seemed to occur on Xbox, and that more testing was needed before it could be fixed. However, the site shows 83 gamers have now managed to unlock this last glitched achievement, all within the last three days.

Ikenfell should now be 100% completable. Are you working on completing the game? Let us know in the comments!
Heidi Nicholas
Written by Heidi Nicholas
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