Little Nightmares 2 gets a new Halloween trailer introducing the Hospital

By Heidi Nicholas,
There's a new Halloween trailer for Little Nightmares 2, and it's just as creepy as you'd expect. We get a glimpse at a new area, where the Doctor and his Patients can be found.

The world of Little Nightmares 2 already looks terrifying enough that you'd feel pretty certain about not wanting to go anywhere near a building called "the Hospital" with a capital H — and this new trailer shows exactly why heading in is a terrible idea. Elissa Dukes, Bandai Namco's social media strategist, discussed the Hospital over on a PlayStation Blog post. The Hospital is where you find the Doctor and his Patients, "each one a collection of clattering parts that lurch after anything unusual in their environment." These Patients came to the Doctor looking for any sort of treatment, and he went to work "taking away some bits and adding others." You can see all sorts of horrific figures lurking in wait for Mono and Six and, just to make it even more creepy, if you get caught, that's what will happen to you. Mono can use a torch to stun the Patients, who are sensitive to light, but Dukes makes it clear that this probably won't help you if all the Patients find you at once.

Mono and Six need to stay away from the Doctor during their quest to find the Transmission corrupting the land. Little Nightmares 2 launches on February 11th 2021, with an Xbox Series X version planned for a later date and a free next-gen upgrade for current-gen players.
Heidi Nicholas
Written by Heidi Nicholas
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